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Is It Safe to Sell a Home Right Now?

In this issue:

  • Sellers cite general uncertainty, financial uncertainty, and COVID-related health concerns as their main reasons for hesitating to list.
  • Agents are utilizing modern technology to make homes more accessible to buyers without an in-person showing. They’re also developing low-contact ways to show homes in person when necessary.
  • Selling now means taking advantage of record-low interest rates for your trade-up home.

How Agents Are Making It Safe to Sell a Home

talking with a real estate agent

You’ve probably heard that real estate is hot right now, especially for sellers. Buyer demand is high, inventory is low, and prices are rising. But still many sellers are hesitating to list. Of all would-be sellers who have opted not to list, 34% cite overall uncertainty as their main reason for hesitation. An additional 31% specify that financial uncertainty is their main hangup. And 25% are worried over COVID-related health concerns.

Fortunately, real estate agents have been inventing creative ways to make home buying and selling happen for decades. So figuring out how to sell homes safely during a pandemic is just another day in the life of an agent.

Here’s what agents are doing to help home sellers in this time of uncertainty.

Agents Are Using New Technology

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Modern technology has played a huge role in keeping businesses open and thriving during the pandemic. Real estate is no exception. By ensuring they’re using the technology, the media, and the platforms buyers find most helpful when searching for a new home, agents have kept the market alive.

This technology includes virtual tours, accurate and detailed listing information, detailed neighborhood information, high-quality listing photos, and agent-led video chats. As a seller, if your agent is doing this, it’s making your listing more easily accessible to buyers… without bringing anyone into your home.

Agents Are Facilitating Safe In-Person Showings

an agent showing a home while social distancing

Despite the reach of modern technology, many buyers still want to see homes in person, and fortunately, agents have safe ways to make that happen. Guests may be required to wash or sanitize their hands upon entering a home. They might be asked to wear face coverings or remove their shoes. And overall in-person activity will be limited. Individual agents may have additional precautions or protocols.

Sell Safely Now & Reap Major Rewards

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Many homeowners waiting to list think they’ll be able to take advantage of strong home prices later on. However, waiting to sell might mean missing out on a tremendous perk of buying your next home now, too—low interest rates.

Historically low rates are a major driving force for buyers, and rightfully so. Though home prices are on the rise, homebuying is actually quite affordable, as low interest rates more than offset the increase in home price. If you wait to list, you could miss the chance to buy a home at a record-low interest rate—which translates to paying thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars MORE for your loan!

Now Is the Time to Sell Your Home

In short, now is an excellent time to sell your home. Agents have found innovative new ways to make home selling easy, stress-free, and low-contact. And selling now means buying a new home with ultra-low interest rates.

Are you thinking about selling a home in the Pittsburgh area? We’d love to help! Contact the Jim Dolanch Real Estate Team today to learn more about how we can help you sell your home safely, easily, and for top dollar. We’d love to chat about your real estate plans.

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