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5 Spring Cleaning Tips for Home Sellers That Will WOW Buyers

Selling a home for top dollar is all about impressing buyers. And you can’t impress buyers with a dirty home! If you’re thinking about listing your home this summer, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get cleaning! Here are some spring cleaning tips for sellers.

These Spring Cleaning Tips for Sellers Will Get Your Home Looking Fantastic

cleaning supplies

Spring cleaning probably isn’t anyone’s idea of a fun weekend project, but it definitely pays off in the long run. Here are some tips to maximize your time and effort and get your home cleaned, cleared, and sparkling in no time.

Start with a deep declutter

decluttering a cupboard

It’s hard to clean around clutter, especially larger items or items that have been around for a while. Start by sorting through your belongings, particularly in storage areas like attics, basements, and closets, to separate the things you don’t really use or need from those you do. If you have a number of items you don’t actively use but want to keep, you might consider renting a storage unit, at least until after you sell.

Clearing out a little space doesn’t just make cleaning easier; it also opens up your house a bit. Closets with more space look larger. Rooms with less furniture feel less crowded. Cleared counters look more spacious. So take some time to pare down on your things.

Deep clean kitchens and bathrooms

cleaning the kitchen

Kitchens and bathrooms sell homes, so if you’re going to focus your cleaning attention anywhere, focus it on your kitchen and your bathrooms. In the kitchen, wipe down all surfaces, including counters, cupboards, sink and fixtures, and appliances. If you can, move the appliances to scrub their sides and the spaces behind them. You might also consider replacing any tarnished cabinet or drawer pulls.

In the bathroom, again, wipe down all exposed surfaces. Remove and replace the caulking in tubs or around sinks. Consider replacing any grimy sink hardware or showerheads, too. And if your shower curtain has seen better days, it might be better to swap it out for another.

Dust the nooks, crannies, and high places

dusting a ceiling fan

When cleaning to sell, consider taking a tour of your home from a buyer’s perspective. You might overlook the dust bunnies in the corner, on the heating vent, or lurking on the ceiling fan blades, but a buyer will probably notice if your home is looking a bit neglected in the cleaning department.

Spend some time dusting and scrubbing those less-visited places, such as up-high surfaces, hard-to-reach corners, and other out-of-the-way areas. Dust the tops of shelves and cabinets, ceiling fan blades, and behind furniture. Once you’ve dislodged all the dust, vacuum and mop.

Don’t forget the windows

washing windows

Windows might not make it onto the weekly cleaning checklist, but they should definitely be on your spring selling to-do list. Why? Because windows are your main source of natural light! Sparkling clean windows let in the sunshine and give buyers a great view of your yard.

Make sure to check your window treatments to see if they’re clean and hanging professionally. If they’re old or dingy, you might consider making an upgrade to something a little more appealing.

Remove odors

potpourri for removing odors

Your home might look pretty good now, but how does it smell? Because you spend a lot of time in your home, you might not notice that it smells like your pets, but a buyer likely will. Stay on top of odors by removing trash or litter boxes frequently, cleaning up any pet stains right away, washing pet beds or blankets, and airing out your house when possible.

If you need a little extra help, you might consider deep cleaning or even replacing your carpets. Adding some fresh scents, like light candles or potpourri, can also help. When in doubt, ask someone who doesn’t live in your home, like your agent, if they can pick up on any lingering smells.

Thinking of Making a Move in Pittsburgh?

Looking for spring cleaning tips because you’re planning to list your home in Pittsburgh? The Jim Dolanch Team is here to help! Contact us today to learn more about how we can price your home accurately, get it looking fantastic, and sell it for top dollar.

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