Why You Should Sell a Home Before the End of 2014

Why You Should Sell a Home Before the End of 2014In our most recent blog post we shared with you Why You Should Buy a Home Before the End of 2014. There are just as many, if not a few more benefits to selling your home before the year’s end as well. So many people make New Year’s resolutions that don’t always get completed because they can be out of reach. Well if you resolve to start the New Year in a new home, I can honestly tell you that that goal is NOT out of reach, and this blog will help explain why.

  1. Less Competition

As mentioned in our previous blog post, the summer and the warmer months tend to be the busiest seasons for the real estate industry. If a home is still on the market during the holidays season, showingsuite.com says that sometimes those sellers will take a break and take their home off the market during this time. This means there will be less competition if you put your home on the market during this time of year! Less competition obviously means your home has a chance at selling faster than during the summer when buyers are likely looking at tons of homes.

  1. Lower Tax Bill

This step is the same as the previous blog because it also means that your home has a chance of selling faster because many buyers want to apply their home purchase to lower their tax bill. This means your home has a better chance of selling before December 31st because that’s when the buyer must purchase their home to apply the tax deductions.

  1. Serious Buyers

There might be more buyers during the warmer months but they are probably looking at tons of homes and taking their time. If your buyer is willing to trudge through the cold and snow in the early darkness of 5:00pm, chances are they’re very serious about buying a home soon. Billy Grippo from a showingsuite.com article said,

“While the traffic is down, the buyers who are out there — when it’s soggy and dark at 4:45 p.m. — they’re not just poking around for the fun of it.”

  1. More Time Off

While some sellers might think of this paid time off for the holidays as time they’ll visit family, they should think of it as time for more showings! Sellers won’t have to wait until after 5 or the weekends for their home to be shown because buyers will have time off work to see it at any time.

  1. Better Showing Qualities

During the warmer months sellers can show personality with landscaping and gardening, but you can show personality with your home during the colder months as well. Sellers can stage their home and give it that tranquil and comfortable feeling by having a fire going, holiday decorations and baking treats. Nothing will make your home more appealing than coming in from the dark and cold into a “warm and cozy” home for sale!

  1. Holiday Sales

If you move before the holiday season you’ll have tons of things to put on your Christmas Lists! According to showingsuite.com, there are still tons of deals on things like:

  • Remodeling
  • Decorating
  • Appliances & appliance installation

If this blog has you motivated to sell your new home before the end of the year be sure and stop by our seller’s page for more information listing your property. Also, if you’re a first time home seller or a veteran home seller that needs to be refreshed on the process, be sure to stop by our YouTube Page and visit our Seller Video Series where we’ll answer a number of questions that you might have about the home selling process.

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