Why People Are Moving In 2015

Why People Are Moving In 2015What was your reason for your recent move? Can you remember? Or why are you considering a move? According to realtormag.com a survey reported, “one in three U.S. households plan to move in the next five years.” But the real question is – why? An appropriate question to follow that would be –where? You think you might know the answers to both of these questions but let’s take a deeper look to see if you’re right!

Reasons for Moving:


Top Reasons Why: VERY Important Location Preferences: Willingness to Travel to Top Amenities:
Safer Neighborhood – 30% Walking distance to amenities/services – 39% Grocery stores – 63% – short drive; 22% – walking distances
Family Proximity – 27% Good school district – 34% Restaurants/Cafes – 56% short drive; 20% walking
Climate Change – 26% Close to work – 32% Parks/Green space – 40% short drive; 35% walking distance)
Closer to Work – 25% Diverse Neighborhood – 26% Healthcare – 62% short drive; 10% walking distance
New Job – 23% Public Transit – 25% Retail – 57% short drive; 12% walking distance

Are these stats surprising to you? If they are then you might find it even more surprising that 59% of households say they only plan on moving within 30 miles of their current residence!

If this applies to you and you live in Pittsburgh, you might be wondering where you should move. Pittsburgh is not a small city and is actually comprised of 90 different neighborhoods. In a recent blog I broke up some of the great South Hills neighborhoods you can choose from. MyMove.com even supports that South Hills is a great place to live, and breaks down some other popular Pittsburgh areas as well.

If you can categorize yourself into one of the categories above and are looking to move to Pittsburgh, feel free to browse my featured listings. If you’re looking to move in Pittsburgh only 30 miles away from your current home, I can help with selling your home as well I hope to hear from you soon!

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