What’s #TrendingPGH?

What'sTrendingPGH5.2.9.014The Jim Dolanch Team would first like to again thank everyone who attended and sponsored our 3rd Annual Clay Bird Classic a couple of weeks ago.  Thanks to you we were able to raise an excess of $9,000 for Easter Seals!  Be sure to stop by our Facebook Page to view the photos from the event and our YouTube Page for the video!  Speaking of social media, let’s take a look at What’s #TrendingPGH for this week!

Pittsburgh Trends

Thea Young @ythea_t tweeted on May 7, 2014: Pittsburgh region’s young adults-demographic trends and experiences and shared this article This article basically says that Pittsburgh’s younger demographic is steadily increasing.  It then gives a detailed report of approximately 1,800 Pittsburgh area residents from 32 counties of Pittsburgh.  Out of the 1,800 people interviewed, 400 of them were between the ages of 18 and 34, the first time home buyer demographic!  We want to welcome the younger demographic to Pittsburgh and encourage those that are interested in buying their first home to stop by our YouTube Page and watch our First Time Home Buyer Series so we can answer any questions you may have!

According to Pittsburgh Trends #trendinaliaPIT tweeted on April 29: 34% of Pittsburgh’s Trends for Monday 28 were hashtags and includes this link that includes the top hashtags.  Consistent with last week, the most popular trends for this week were #Pittsburgh, and sports-related hashtags like #LetsGoBucs and #LetsGoPens to support our Pittsburgh Sports Teams!   So it’s clear that Pittsburgh Sports, have been the popular topic for Pittsburgh again this week. But what’s been happening in Pittsburgh from a Real Estate perspective?

Real Estate Trends

  • #smarthomes:

Future Homes @FutureHomesCork tweeted on May 7th: Top 2014 trends: #SmartHomes, #HomeAutomation and shared this article. Smart homes are becoming a very popular trend among the young age group listed above.  This article lists a number of enhancements to the typical home that are now being automated including: heat and air conditioning, kitchen appliances and security systems.  These smart homes will not only make things easier for you by being able to adjust the heat of your home from your smartphone but they’ll also save you money!

  • #newhomes:

MONEY on Real Estate @MoneyMag_Home tweeted on May 6: 41% would prefer to buy a new home over existing, but few willing to pay 20% premium and shared this article by Trulia.  The article continues by supporting the previous tweet about smart homes being  a trend because is says some of the reasons homebuyers want new homes is because they can customize it to their preferences and they can have modern features.  The article also said that it’s mostly the younger people that are the most willing to pay this 205 in the age group of 18-34.

  • #remodeling:

Zina Rodenbeck @ZinaSells tweeted on May 5: Homeowner Trends: Remodeling is in and shared this article.   The article goes on to say how Houzz did a study surveying approximately 155,000 homeowners that resulted in homeowners saying they’re very interested in remodeling. It goes on to list a number of great statistics including one that says the kitchen is the most popular area to remodel followed by the bathroom and patio.  But if you’re considering a remodel, make sure you check the reviews because 91% say that’s a top priority when hiring a contractor.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s What’s #TrendingPGH.  Stay tuned for next weeks and make sure to stop by our YouTube Page for monthly Market Updates!

Relocating to Pittsburgh?

 I hope this blog has enticed you to try living in my beautiful city! If you have any questions or concerns feel free to visit my website and let The Jim Dolanch Team find you your Pittsburgh Home!

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