Top Tips for Moving During the Winter

Top Tips for Moving During the WinterThough it’s rumored that the Spring and Summer are the most common times to relocate and move into a new home purchase or rental, some people still do move in the winter. Sometimes you can’t pick a certain time of the year to move because of the following reasons;

  • A new job or school transfer
  • Suddenly ill family member
  • Lease expire

If none of the above reasons fit your itch for a new home, maybe you just want a fresh new start in the new year (which obviously occurs in the winter season!) If that’s the case, make sure you follow these top tips for moving during the winter to make sure it’s a smooth process.

  1. Track And Practice

Here we mean track weather maps and practice the route to your apartment or new home. Of course the severity of the winter weather depends on where you live, but even in Pittsburgh there can be some warm days during the winter. And of course the weather maps and radars can be unreliable at times, but it’s still a good idea to keep an eye on them so you know what day would be the best to move. Also, practice different routes to your new home or apartment and select the one that has the least amount of traffic. Hopefully you’ll be able to pick a day on a weekend where morning traffic and traffic throughout the day is less than weekdays. Picking good traffic routes and weather days are a must to reduce stress when moving during the winter!

  1. Keep Winter Necessities

            Keep winter necessities easily accessible. These winter necessities include items that you’d frequently grab during the harsh weather such as:

  • Winter clothing (hats, boots, gloves, scarves, etc.)
  • Snow shovels and/or snow blowers
  • Salt or whichever ice melting compound you’d prefer

Obviously you don’t want to pack these items if you’re using them frequently; or if you do pack them, put them in the very last boxes at the top, along with towels to keep everything clean of snow and slush. suggests not packing them, but keeping them in your car so they are easily accessible and don’t get accidentally put away. Keeping blankets and/or towels in your car might also be wise, not only to keep everything clean but also because they might be the first things you use after you unpack!

  1. Lighten The Load

            With this tip we don’t mean packing in lighter boxes or bags but in getting people to help you lighten the load! Of course hiring a moving company or moving truck would be a huge help, but if you’re on a budget request help from as many friends and family as you can. The more people you have helping you, the less time you’ll spend outside moving boxes to and from your car. A great bonus tip – to thank them order them a hot dinner with some coffee or hot chocolate to warm them up!

  1. Protect Your Pets

The best way to protect your pets during the moving process is to either board them, or leave them with a friend or family member (if you’re on a budget.) The last thing you want to worry about is your pet messing up one of your boxes, getting out of the many doors that are likely to be open, or somehow getting hurt in the process. We don’t just mean physically hurt either – introducing a pet to a new home can be emotionally damaging as well. Our source suggests moving them last, even after everything is unpacked, so that they’ll have some familiar sights and sounds in the new location.

We know most people don’t want to move in the winter, but if you’ve read one of my many blogs that support why it’s a great time to move, maybe you will. Or maybe you don’t have a choice about moving in the winter due to one of the reasons listed above. Whatever your reasons for moving during the winter, we hope this blog has made it an easier process for you and we hope you’ll contact us for any future real estate needs and/or moving tips!

Happy Moving!

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