Top Things Prospective Buyers REFUSE to Compromise

Top Things Prospective Buyers REFUSE to CompromiseWhile searching for a new home is exciting, it can also be a bit stressful. In my most recent blog, I gave you the most Common Home Search Arguments and How To Compromise Them. While that blog gives great advice, especially if you’re looking to save your relationship, there are certain things that you should NEVER compromise on during your home search. This blog will list the Top Things Prospective Buyers REFUSE to Compromise on so you can be fully prepared to say “NO WAY!” during your home search process!

  1. Must-Haves

            In that previous blog, one of the great tips that was provided was to make a His/Hers Priority list. Of course if you have a bigger family that’s going on this move with you it might be wise to get even the kids’ or grandparents’ opinions on their number one requirements. Then suggests dividing the list out between “must-haves”, “would like to have”, and “willing to compromise”. During your home search you might fall in love with a certain home’s kitchen, but it could be much longer than you’d like for your top must-have of a close commute to work. Don’t think with your heart and fall in love with that kitchen/home! Use your brain also, and remember how long it will take you to get to and from work each day and move on!

  1. Budget

            The most important step of getting pre-approved for a mortgage is the most important step for a reason. DON’T go over that pre-approval rate. In fact, suggests only looking at homes that are 205 BELOW your pre-approval limit. Therefore if you’ve been pre-approved for a home of a $200,000 value, only search for homes that are $160,000 and below. You need that extra cushion in your budget for life’s curveballs like losing a job or an unexpected medical bill! Remove the temptation of higher-priced homes by not even looking at them. Make it clear to your real estate agent that you MUST stay under this amount to avoid any and all temptation of going over it.

  1. Location

            As mentioned in my previous blog, certain aspects of the location can be compromised like suburbs versus city or distance to certain landmarks, other aspects of it cannot. Maybe you’ll find a home in the city that actually has a large backyard and gives you the suburban feel, but if it’s right next to a home where teenagers throw parties every weekend or every night – you can’t change that. Or if your home has the perfect city view that your whole family loves, but is too close to the airport and you can’t handle the noise of the planes, that’s another thing that you can’t change and would have to live with if you picked that home. Even if that home has all of your other checkmarks, that noisy teenager may be there for a while and there’s only so many times you’re probably going to complain to the parents or the police!

With these home search tips in mind, as well as the home search tips from my previous blog, you should be good to go for your first (or even second or third) home search process! I hope you’ll stop by my featured listings to find the home that matches your checklist or feel free to perform an advanced search where you can see all the homes that are currently available for sale! And don’t forget to stop by my YouTube channel where we have a complete video series targeted specifically for you – the homebuyer!

Happy Searching!

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