Top Reasons Why You Should Buy A Pittsburgh Home In Colder Months

Top Reasons Why You Should Buy A Pittsburgh Home In Colder MonthsOur most recent blog, the Fall 2016 Real Estate Update, gave a number of fantastic statistics about the real estate market in the South Hills of Pittsburgh, Western Pennsylvania, and nation-wide. However, most of those statistics illustrated that the 2016 fall real estate market has been a seller’s market. We’re not here to argue with the facts. However, this blog is here to convince you that there are a number of reasons you should consider buying a Pittsburgh area home during the fall and winter seasons.

Advantages of Buying In Colder Months:

  • Home Conditions & Inspections

Yes, you might have to endure icy roads and snow-filled yards, but you’ll also see how the home holds up during the winter months. If you’re in an HOA, how is their maintenance with ice and shoveling? How is the neighborhood during the day vs. during the night? Since it gets dark faster during the winter months, you’ll be able to see how the neighborhood might change as well. Weather conditions will also play a factor in your home inspections. Home inspections are a crucial part of the home buying process, but you might not see all of the home’s issues during the warmer months when the home is in top condition. If more issues arise during the cold weather home inspection, you might have a chance to negotiate the price based on these new issues that the seller might not have disclosed during warmer months!

  • Less Competition

            Since the summer and spring tend to be the busiest times for buying a home, there will likely be less competition for you in the market place. Less competition means fewer bidding wars as well! This also means that you’ll likely have more time to make a decision than in the warmer months and there will likely be more motivated sellers. Think of it as instead of the buyers competing for the home in the warmer months, the sellers will be competing for buyers in the colder months! Most sellers who sell during the colder months need to sell quickly and are therefore more likely to negotiate prices.

  • Cheaper

            The price of the home isn’t the only thing that will likely be cheaper in the colder months. Since the colder months are often slower in the real estate world you are likely to find it easier to schedule moving companies and contractors. They won’t be as high in demand so you’ll have more freedom. Also, since this is a slower time of year for closing companies as well, your closing process is likely to be faster.

  • Family Motivation

Many people worry about how their family will adjust during a mid-school year or work year change. One way to look at it, from our source, is that this is a completely new start. If your child was struggling at their current year, then they can start fresh in a New Year and new school. If you’re worried about how they will meet new people during the colder months, there are still plenty of activities that schools offer all-year round. This works for adults as well! Maybe they were in a dead-end job, or not motivated to start that certain diet or activity. Moving to a new home before a new year is a great source of motivation for any type of family member.

Finally, there’s always the financial perspective with the end of the year tax benefit. According to our source, if your home closes before December 31, you can apply the purchase towards that year’s deductions!

It’s should be easy to see based on the points above and many more, that fall and winter, or colder months of Pittsburgh still give plenty of opportunities to buy a home in Pittsburgh!

Buy A Home In Pittsburgh This Fall Or Winter!

Have we convinced you to buy a new home during the 2016 Fall or Winter real estate seasons? If so, we’re here to help! We have a team of buyers specialist and administrative assistants that will make the moving process a smooth one for you, so don’t hesitate to contact us to get the moving process started!

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