The Pittsburgh Real Estate Market is Likely to See Increases in 2014

The Pittsburgh Real Estate Market is Likely to See Increases in 2014As your number one greater Pittsburgh area real estate team for Century 21 Frontier Realty, we strive to give you as many real estate news and statistics as we can to encourage you to enter into the greater Pittsburgh area real estate market.  For example, it’s why we have our What’s #TrendingPGH blog where we update you almost every week on trends in Pittsburgh and in the national and local real estate markets.  It’s also why we record our Monthly Market Update videos to compare and contrast the national and local real estate markets each month.  So for this blog we’ll continue our tradition of providing you with important news and statistics that are happening in the greater Pittsburgh area real estate Market

Greater Pittsburgh Area Real Estate News & Statistics

CBS Local thinks there is both a “glass half full” and a “glass half empty” attitude towards the Pittsburgh Real Estate market.  However since this blog isn’t about dwelling on the negative, I’m going to cite some of the positive predictions and statistics from CBS Local and other trusted sources about Pittsburgh and the national real estate market:

  • “Home prices will rise 6%.”
  • “Housing starts will increase by 25% or more.”
  • Lenders will ease up on refinancing which will make it easier for lenders to get mortgages.
  • Increasing inventory means there is a good chance to see more repeat buyers.
  • Home vales for Pittsburgh have increased 16.8% in the past year.
  • A trusted source predicts they will rise 3.9% more within the next year.
  • The median price of homes sold ($150,575) is higher than the median price of homes currently listed in Pittsburgh ( $140,00).
  • The median Pittsburgh rent price is $1,200 higher than the Pittsburgh Metro median, which is $1,050.

Speaking of rent prices, did you know The Jim Dolanch Team also offers several rentals on our Featured Listings page?  While there you can browse the other listings we have available since it’s likely that the greater Pittsburgh real estate market will see even more increases and “glass half full” news for the remainder of 2014!

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