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October 2017 Real Estate Update

Happy October Pittsburgh! We know it’s already a few weeks into the month of October 2017, but we knew you would probably be getting your houses decorated for Halloween and the fall season. Also our recent blog about October 2017 Events and Festivals in the Greater Pittsburgh Area is sure to keep you busy as […]

Renting vs Buying

Pittsburgh’s real estate market is not slowing down. It is a great time to stop renting and buy a new home. Many Americans don’t  believe that they can afford to buy a new home. There are many factors that prompt people to rent instead of buy. Cost Home buying can seem expensive. The fact is […]

What’s #TrendingPGH?

Happy New Year and welcome to the first What’s #TrendingPGH of the New Year! It’s been a busy and great start to 2015 for both Pittsburgh and the national real estate market. Let’s get right to some of the popular stories that have been trending on the web for Pittsburgh so far this year. Pittsburgh […]

December 2014 Events in Pittsburgh

If you’re a regular blog reader of mine, you know that at the beginning of every month I give you a blog that lists 5 family-friendly events going on for the month (the month of December in this case) and an accompanying informational graphic that lists 5 events geared for the older crowd. With the […]

What’s #TrendingPGH?

Happy September from The Jim Dolanch Team!  I’m sure everyone is busy with schools starting up again but that doesn’t mean the greater Pittsburgh area is slowing down! Be sure and stop by our Events blog for both some great family-friendly events and over-21 events for the month of September.  Now let’s get right to […]

What’s #trendingPGH?

As the summer is winding down, #Pittsburgh seems to be busier than ever.  Everyone is getting ready for school to resume but that doesn’t stop Pittsburgh real estate from heating up!  Let’s first take a look at some trends that have been occurring for #Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh Trends #cheapestfinance: On a broader scale this hashtag relates […]

What’s #TrendingPGH?

Social Media sites like Facebook and Twitter are constantly changing.  If you haven’t noticed, both Facebook and Twitter have changed their layouts. We want to hear from you, what do you think? Facebook of course only change their business page layout, which our page is – www.facebook.com/JimDolanchRealty. Pittsburgh Trends If you’ve followed us there and […]

What’s #TrendingPGH?

As your number one Western Pennsylvania Real Estate Team, we pride ourselves on being your number one resource for the greater Pittsburgh area and the national real estate market. It’s why we’re so social with you on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+ and YouTube.  We’re even on Yelp in hopes of getting some great reviews […]