3 Surprising Ways Public Schools Can Affect Your Home Search

Multi-ethnic elementary or middle school students standing outside school building (10-12 years).  Focus on boys in middle row.When searching for a home, many buyers are considering the same criteria—house and neighborhood features, proximity to shopping, dining and other amenities, commuting distance to work, area noise and safety… But those who aren’t also exploring public schooling options for their children (and even those who are!) might overlook these important school-related factors.

1. School Speed Zones

RS3323_iStock_000011770145Large-scrIf you home is located close to a school, or if there is a school along one of your major travel routes, you might experience the inconvenience of reduced road speeds during school hours. Because of the effect on the local traffic, you’ll definitely want to consider what alternate routes are available—or if this is a deal-breaker.

2. School Bus Stops

RS3319_iStock_000005503454Large-scrThere’s nothing worse than getting stuck behind a bus that stops every 50 feet, especially if you’re running late to work! You might want to check into the local school bus routes, especially if you feel there might be a large number of school-age children in the area, as this could definitely be another deal-breaker.

3. Traffic Congestion During School Times

apple-256261_1280Between buses and parent (or student) cars pulling in and out of the school, traffic around schools can become quite congested! You might want to drive your top would-be travel routes during morning and afternoon school hours to see if this factor will affect your home-buying decision.

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