Spring Décor VS. Summer Décor for 2015

Spring Décor VS. Summer Décor for 2015Hopefully by now you’ve finished your Spring Cleaning and Successfully Stored Your Winter Items. But what about your home décor? Do you upgrade your home décor with the seasons? Or are you just itching for something new but don’t have the money or time to commit a full renovation project? I’ve already shown you ways to bring luck into your home and ways to bring summer into your home, but how do the seasons really differ in décor? If you do change your décor with the seasons, it’s important to know the differences between spring and summer décor for the 2015 seasons, and this blog will help you decipher it and help give your home the upgrade it needs!

Top Spring Color Trends

According to our trusted source, if you had the idea that spring color trends were all about pastels and bright colors, think again! Go out with the pastels and in with the

“Retro and folkloric-inspired colors as well some natural influence with a splash of tropical inspiration.”

The top 15 Spring Colors according to this source include: Aquamarine, Scuba Blue, Lucite Green, Classic blue, Toasted Almond, Strawberry Ice, Tangerine, Custard, Marsala, Glacier Gray, Dusk Blue, Treetop, Woodbine, Sandstone, Titanium, and Lavender Herb. If you don’t want to or have the time to paint entire walls and/or rooms these colors, here are some subtle ways to add them:

  • Marsala Throw Pillows
  • Strawberry Ice dresser
  • Tangerine clock
  • Scuba Blue duvet cover
  • Lucite Green duvet cover

Top Summer Color Trends

Traditionally, summer and spring color trends are very similar. The biggest difference between the two is that summer color trends tend to be brighter versions of the spring colors. However, for 2015 the summer color trends seem to be pairs, according to our source – they pair a bright color with a lighter color. Their top summer choices include: peach & orange, pillow mint & powder blue, wisteria & sky blue, creamsicle & fruit punch, kelp & sand, royal blue & white, graphite & yellow, pale blue & Turkish red, emerald green & blush pink, pale pink & fuchsia, cream & citron. Similar to the spring colors above, here are some easy ways to add these colors without having to paint an entire room or wall:

  • Creamsicle & Fruit Punch Throw Pillows
  • Royal Blue & White Curtains
  • Graphite & Yellow Nursery
  • Turkish Red Rug & Pale Blue Metallic Accents
  • Cream & Citron dishes

If you’re looking to upgrade your home but don’t want to spend a ton of money, then adding these top color trends is a simple way to do it! These are also great ways to add value to your home before putting it on the market!

Happy Decorating!

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