Spring 2017 Real Estate Update

Spring 2017 Real Estate Update Happy Spring Pittsburgh!

Since it’s well into the spring 2017 season, we hope you and your families have had a good one so far. As is typical for this time of year and the real estate industry, the real estate statistics for Pittsburgh has been picking up! The charts below, that shares information gathered from the West Penn Multilist, indicate this. But how do these statistics compare to the national real estate market? Let’s compare and contrast.


Pittsburgh Real Estate Market Vs. National Real Estate Market:

Spring 2017 Real Estate Update

As these charts indicate, almost every South Hills area of Pittsburgh saw a number of big increases from March 2017 to April 2017. Cecil Township saw the biggest decrease in new listings but saw a slight increase in sold listings. Upper St. Clair also saw a noticeably big increase in new listings, but the sold listings remained the same from March to April. The average sold price column didn’t see a noticeable decrease or increase in any area. The days on the market have also noticeably decreased in Cecil, Peters Township, and Upper St. Clair. So how do these stats compare to the National Real Estate Market: Here are some important facts from the National Association of Realtors:

  • Existing home sales is at 5.71 million units
  • Median home price is at $236,400
  • New home sales as of February are 592,000

So how does this compare to previous months? Check out some of our previous blogs, like the December 2016 Real Estate Update. From this update, like the home sales increased from 5.46 million in December. Median home price also increased from $244,100 from December.

What other trends have you noticed in the Spring 2017 Real Estate update? We’d love to hear your comments or feedback in a comment below! Also if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us!

Get A New Home For Spring 2017!

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