Practical and Thoughtful Gifts for the New Homeowner

Practical and Thoughtful Gifts for the New HomeownerAs your checking off your Holiday season to-do list you come across a friend or family member that just moved into their new home. While they are settling in you are unsure of what they do or do not have and are therefore unsure of what present to gift to them for the Holidays. If this situation describes you, then you’re in the right place because there are some very practical and thoughtful gifts that you can give to the new homeowner in your life listed below!

  • Tool Kit

Whether they bought a home in move-in condition or a fixer upper they’re going to fix up themselves, a tool kit is very practical for new homeowners. They’re probably still decorating and adjusting things in their new home to their liking. This fact combined with the fact that even move-in condition homes might need some repairs, means they’re bound to use something in the tool kit you give to them at some point while they get settled into their new home.

  • Monogrammed Anything

   suggests giving monogrammed napkins as a personal touch to their new dining room or kitchen. But we think you could give them anything with their initials on it – ranging from paintings to coasters to welcome mats, to even mugs! It’ll feel more like they’re claiming their new space if they have their initials or family name seen throughout the home.

  • Wreaths

            As mentioned above if you’re unsure of what they do or don’t have in their new home, you can always play it safe with a great decoration – like a beautiful wreath for their front door. You can create it yourself with dried lavender and bay leaves (as suggests) so that they could leave it up all year long or you can buy one specifically for the holidays! Whichever way you go they’ll appreciate it and use it on their door to make it feel more like home.

  • Kitchen Appliances

            If you’ve been to your friend or family member’s new space already and took note of what they do and don’t have, then kitchen appliances are always a thoughtful and practical gift. You can get specific and get them a blender or food processor or you can give them something more generic like a Tupperware container or service tray. If you’re using one of the more generic items, you can even used one of our previous ideas and add their monogram to it to make it even more personal!

  • Desserts or Food

            Finally you can’t go wrong with just bringing some kind of dessert, casserole or even a bottle of wine to the holiday party. This type of gift is more for a holiday party or if you’re welcoming a new neighbor into your neighborhood.

Of course with this blog we had the Christmas and Holiday season in mind, but they can be used as gifts for new homeowners all year round! Simply switch that Christmas wreath into one with neutral colors and you’re good for any time of year. Hopefully your Christmas To-Do List is getting smaller as the holiday gets closer, and hopefully if you were stumped on what to get that new homeowner in your life for the holidays, this blog helped!

Happy Gifting!

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