Popular Design Trends That are Making a Comeback in 2015!

Popular Design Trends That are Making a Comeback in 2015!We’ve given you a number of blogs, recently that have been all about the 2015 real estate market. While these are all important things for homebuyers and sellers, we consider design trends to be important also. Not too long ago we gave you some Color Trends from the Past, Present, and Future. Now it’s time to see how accurate that data was by taking a look at some popular design and color trends that are likely to make a comeback in 2015 thanks to some trusted sources.

  1. “A Retro, Modern Twist”

This “retro, modern twist” is the using gold accents! This source suggests silver is “so passé” and that gold is the way to go to give help your appliances to really stand out. You can either mix it up by using different finish colorings or even make those all bold!

  1. A little “Yee-Haw!”

            Apparently cowhides aren’t just for cowboys and country source. It’s likely to make a huge comeback this year in everything from rugs, pillows, blankets, and even in some artwork!

  1. Wallpaper is more than just about patterns

            With modern technology there’s so much more one can do with wallpaper these days. There are the traditional prints and patterns and there are also digital prints and textures.

  1. Indigo & Navy Blues – oh my!

            Blue is predicted to be the popular color for 2015. This confirms the prediction from my previous blog about color trends where organic colors are likely to be very popular. This source indicates indigo blue & navy blue to be popular accents, and our previous blog also indicates “blue clay, snap pea green, crazy mocha foam, and peach preserve” are likely to be popular in 2015.

This source also recommends the following trends that are going out of style for 2015 and beyond –

  • Chevron Print
  • Bright Colors (-However, my previous blog mentions that this is still a popular trend as a bright accented wall, as long as they’re used sparingly and paired with a subtle neutral color)
  • Solid painted walls
  • Matching Furniture

However it’s important to keep in mind that these are just predictions by design experts. One of the many benefits of being a homeowner is that you have the power to choose how you decorate your home! If you want to have all-matching bright orange furniture with a bright orange accent wall, you can do it! These are just some tips and advice if you’re a homeowner that likes to stay on top of the latest design and decorating trends, but the choice is yours!

Happy Decorating!

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