Places To Vote In The 2016 PA Primary Throughout The Greater Pittsburgh Area

Places To Vote In The 2016 PA Primary Throughout The Greater Pittsburgh AreaHappy PA Primary Election Day! If you’re a regular blog reader of mine then you know that I continue to strive to be your number one real estate resource nationally, but especially for the greater Pittsburgh area. I not only strive to be your number one real estate resource, but also your go-to resource for all things about Pittsburgh as a whole. So in order to do that I try to provide you with popular and current information that you might be seeking about our beloved city of Pittsburgh. Today is an important day for the city of Pittsburgh and the entire state of Pennsylvania because it is the Pennsylvania Primary. While most websites online will give you the place that you can vote based on your street address where you registered, here are also a few locations throughout the greater Pittsburgh area. But remember, you MUST vote in the place where you are registered or it will not count. Some additional things that you should remember include what you might need to bring, such as:

  • Approved forms of photo ID (if you are a first time voter). According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, these include:
  • PA driver’s license or PennDOT ID card
  • ID issued by the Commonwealth agency
  • ID issued by the US Government
  • US Passport
  • US Armed Forces Id
  • Student ID
  • Employee ID

Poll Locations In The Greater Pittsburgh Area:

  • Bethel ParkPathfinder School
    • 50 DONATI RD
    • BETHEL PARK, PA 15102
  • Cecil TownshipCecil Volunteer Fire Department
    • LAWRENCE, PA 15055
  • LebanonFoster School Gym
    • 700 VERMONT AVE
  • Scott TownshipSt, Stephen Lutheran Church
    • 55 FORSYTHE RD
    • SCOTT, PA
  • South Fayette Fayette Township Building Council Chambers
    • 515 MILLERS RUN RD
    • MORGAN, PA 15064
  • South ParkLibrary Fire Hall Truck Room
    • 6581 LIBRARY RD
    • SOUTH PARK, PA 15129
  • South StrabaneSouth Strabane Township Building
    • WASHINGTON, PA 15301
  • Upper St. Clair Fort Couch Middle School Gym
    • 515 FORT COUCH RD
    • PITTSBURGH, PA 15241

Of course we know that these only cover a few of the fantastic townships, mostly south of the city of Pittsburgh. If we didn’t list your township, simply type in your address here. Also remember that if you’re a college student and not in your home state remember that you can still vote in the state where you are attending school, if you can’t make it home of course. Most of these polls are open from 7:00 AM until 8:00 PM giving you no excuses for not submitting your vote! Also remember that these poll locations listed above are probably not the only location in that township. Again, simply type in your address at the link above to find the polling location closest to you! So get out there any make your voice heard!

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