Pittsburgh Ranks in 2017’s Best Places to: Get Outside, Raise A Family, And Embrace The Future!

Pittsburgh has been known to hit a number of “Best Places For” or “Top City lists, and recently it’s made a few more. If you follow me regularly on LinkedIn then you’ve probably already seen these rankings because I shared them on my page. However if you have not, please take note of the recent rankings Pittsburgh received in 2017:

#1 In Top 10 Cities Living in the Future:

Pittsburgh is listed as NUMBER ONE on this list that includes cities not only in the US but from all over the world! Two big contributing factors to CNNTech.com’s Matt McFarland’s research of “living in the future” are self-driving cars and drones. One of the top reasons he put Pittsburgh in the number one spot is because it’s home to Carnegie Mellon University’s Robotics professor, Red Whittaker, who is “often called the godfather of autonomous vehicles”.

“Uber, Ford and Aurora have local offices, and other self-driving companies are considering a move to the city, according to the local government” according to the article.

#2 in Most Affordable Outdoor-Friendly City:

This list might come as a surprised to some people considering the unpredictable weather patterns that happen in the Steel City; especially considering the fact that Greenville South Carolina took first place. The Pittsburgh Patch got it’s information from realtor.com, which composed its research off of things like:

  • Relatively close National Parks.
  • Outdoor seating options at restaurants.
  • National Weather service data.
  • Friendliness toward bicyclists
  • Median home prices under $300,000

Morgantown, WV is another city that followed close behind and Buffalo NY was at the bottom of this list.

#30 in 2017’s Best & Worst Places To Raise A Family:

While one would not immediately think that being ranked #30 on this list is impressive, keep in mind that there’s a total of 150 cities. Overland Park, KS ranks as #1 and Birmingham, AL ends the list as #150. The things that contributed to this research from Wallethumb.com included:

  • “Family Fun Rank” (Pittsburgh ranked 29)
  • “Health and Safety Rank” (Pittsburgh ranked 79)
  • “Education & Child Care” Rank (Pittsburgh ranked 31)
  • “Affordability” Rank (Pittsburgh ranked 26)
  • “Socioeconomics Rank” (Pittsburgh ranked 114)

The total score for Pittsburgh on this list was 60.22 falling in-between Charlotte, NC as #29 and Chicago, IL as #31. However perhaps the most important ranking out of this whole blog also comes from the Wallethub’s same article and the screenshot below: Most Affordable Housing!

Source: Wallethub.com

If these top rankings don’t make you excited about the greater areas of Pittsburgh we don’t know what will! Our blog offers other valuable information about the city including some great events to get out and explore and some other real estate statistics.

More Reasons to Love Pittsburgh!

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