In Honor of Our Vets

In Honor of Our VetsThe Jim Dolanch Team first and foremost wants to thank all past, current, and future veterans for their services in the forces. We truly appreciate everything you do for our country and understand the sacrifices you make for us.

However, did you know that there are sacrifices as well as benefits to being a United States Veteran? In honor of our vets, today I’ll discuss some of the loans and benefits of homeownership that are available exclusively to United States Veterans. While available Veteran Services vary by State and even city, here is a brief run-down of what is offered for Pennsylvania and for Pittsburgh, according to the US Department of Housing and Urban Development and the Pennsylvania DMV:

Veteran Homeownership Programs Offered in Pennsylvania:

  • Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency
  • Us Department of Agricultural Rural Housing
  • Community Contacts
  • Pennsylvania Affiliates of Habitat for Humanity

Veteran Homeownership Programs Offered in Pennsylvania:

  • Pittsburgh Home Ownership Program (PHOP)
  • Second Mortgage Financing

Additional Veterans Programs and Services Offered in Pennsylvania:

  • The PA Disabled Veterans Real Estate Tax Exemption
  • PA Veterans Temporary Assistance
  • PA Blind Veterans Pension
  • PA Paralyzed Veterans Pension
  • PA Educational Gratuity
  • PA Veterans Service Officer Support
  • PA Veterans’ Memorial
  • PA DD214/215 Program
  • Persian Gulf Conflict Veterans’ Bonus Program
  • Veterans Service Officer Grant Program

Additionally, there are a number of local businesses that offer “Veterans Day Freebies” that can be found on Some additional benefits for homeownership for veterans, according to Zillow, include:

  • Down Payment is usually waived
  • Interest Rate can be negotiable
  • Closing Costs may be lower
  • No mortgage insurance premiums
  • And more

If these statistics haven’t already convinced you Veterans out there to enter into the Real Estate Market, perhaps the fact that Pittsburgh has ranked number one as a city for Veterans starting out might change your mind! If it has, be sure and stop by our featured listings page to browse the many beautiful homes that we have available. Or if you’re considering putting your home on the market you can also visit our website for a fast and easy approach of doing so.

Happy Veterans Day!

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