How To: Stage Your Home For the Fall

With Halloween, the beautiful fall colors, and football season in full swing, it’s easy to get carried away with decorating.  This blog is your best resource for how to sell your home in the fall!With summer officially over it’s time to get your home ready for the fall.  Selling or not, these are some great fall decorating tips.  With Halloween, the beautiful fall colors, and football season in full swing, it’s easy to get carried away with decorating.  This blog is your best resource for how to sell your home in the fall!

1.    Keep It Simple.

As mentioned with all the temptating decorations between sports, Halloween and fall colors it’s easy to go overboard when it comes to decorating for the fall season.  Keep in mind that not everyone enjoys Halloween and sports so it’s important to keep these decorations to a minimum.  Adding a fall-colored wreath and some planted flowers around the front door adds the perfect fall touch according to

2.    Clean Up Your Curb Appeal.

            Previous blogs have emphasized the important fact that first impressions are everything!  Once the weather gets colder and the flowers start to die and the trees lose their leaves it can be hard to make your home look attractive.  There are some simple things that can be done though.  An example would be to keep the yard raked of leaves and other dying plants.  Adding potted plants and flowers as previously mentioned will also add some more color and make your home more welcoming.

3.    Let the Light In

            Shorter and darker days and colder temperatures can put a dismal mood on potential buyers.  You can easily fix this by brightening up each room of your house.  If you have large windows or any windows at all make sure the blinds and curtains are always open.  As soon as it starts to get dark, make sure there are bright bulbs in all of your lamps and turn as many lights on as you can!  Brightening up your home could be just the ticket to brightening up potential buyers’ moods!

4.    Keep It Cozy.

            Fall is the perfect time of year to make your home look warm and cozy. suggests keeping the fireplace stocked with firewood so that it’s ready to be used ASAP.  It also suggests keeping candles scattered about but to avoid lighting them because different buyers might be either allergic or just not like the smells.  Finally put a favorite blanket or quilt over the couch.

5.    Decorate Through-out

While the curb appeal and the main floor are very important spaces to decorate, it’s important to remember the rest of the home as well.  While you can use your regular comforter if you are still sleeping there, it’s important to use an alternate one if it’s worn and battered.  Just like with painting and carpeting, it’s also important to remember that to keep the colors of this new comforter neutral but warm and inviting.  The master bedroom is just as important of a room as the kitchen so it’s important to make sure it’s kept clean and inviting.

Finally, while you might think that selling your home during this time of year is not a good idea, you’d be surprised.  Yes a lot of buyers dislike trudging to different homes as the weather gets colder, but also keep in mind that you have lees competition.  This could definitely be used to your advantage if your home is the only home for sale in a certain neighborhood or township.  Don’t get discouraged!  Fall is a time for change and your home could be the perfect change that a prospective buyer is looking for!

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