How To: Make Your Home POP This Winter

How To: Make Your Home POP This WinterPeople avoid selling their home in the winter for a number of reasons, including:

  • not enough daylight hours for people to see it
  • snow and bad weather
  • slush and dirt being tracked into the home
  • and of course the busy holiday seasons.

But sometimes, unforeseen circumstances may force you into putting that “For Sale” sign in your yard. Some of those circumstances could include a new job, needing to care for an ill family member in another state or location, retirement and more. If you are suddenly forced to sell but are worried about selling in the winter season this year, have no fear! This blog is here to give you a number of reassuring ways to make your home POP this winter and make it easier for you to sell. No matter what your reason for selling your home in the winter is, you’ll want it to sell just as fast as it would in the spring and summer months and this blog will help you to do that!

  1. A Little Effort Goes A Long Way

This little effort refers to shoveling your walkways and driveways. Snow is bound to come at some point this winter, even if Pittsburgh is currently experiencing an “Indian Summer” of sorts right now. Even if you do none of the other tips listed in this blog, you should at least make your home easier to access by keeping the walkways and driveways shoveled and salted to avoid slips and falls.

  1. Mulch It Up.

            This step is something that should be done before the snow and cold hits, like around now! Just because your flowers are dead and trees might be dying, that doesn’t mean your garden beds should look like a cemetery. Cover up those dead flowers, and fallen leaves with some mulch. By adding this layer of mulch it shows your potential buyers that you’re still caring about your yard even in the fall and winter.

  1. “Color Makes People Feel Warm and Fuzzy.”

            This quote is from Firlit and our main source for this blog, and sums up this step – add some color and greenery to your yard. While most flowers and plants grow at their best in the warmer months, there are some according to this source, that do survive in the winter including the red flowering quince (to be planted now – in the fall) and boxwood (“that requires time for growing and shaping”.) Perfect for the holiday season there are also a number of different evergreens and holly’s that would work in potted plants as well. And don’t forget – they’re likely to go on sale after the Christmas season!

  1. Light It Up.

            One of the excuses for homes not selling well listed above was a shorter amount of daylight hours to see the home. While this is true, it can easily be solved by adding temporary (or permanent if the buyer decides to keep them) lighting fixtures to your home. These lighting fixtures could include lights along your walkways and especially lights around the front door. Also if you have any unique landscaping or architectural features you’d like to stand out you might want to consider adding lights to them as well.

  1. Don’t Ignore…

Your backyard! While the front yard will catch your prospective buyers’ eyes, don’t forget that they’re likely to explore the backyard as well! If you have a rear porch or additional decorative features like fountains etc., you’ll want to make sure they are all shoveled from snow so that they can bee seen. Help your buyers visualize how their kids can enjoy the swingset or the large backyard by playing ball in or having fun by keeping it shoveled and neat.

While we know it’s early to start thinking about the winter season and snow, especially with the great weather that Pittsburgh and other cities might be experiencing now, we want you to be prepared for what lies ahead in selling your home during the winter. If you’ve already covered each of these steps and are ready for the winter selling season, don’t hesitate to contact me today!

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