How To: Get Your Home Ready For Spring

How To: Get Your Home Ready For SpringWhile of course we hope you’re reading this blog to get your home ready to sell for the Spring Real Estate market, we know that not everyone is ready to sell his or her home. Perhaps you’re just looking to update your home décor like you update your wardrobe. If that’s the case then here are 10 great ways to swap out your cozy winter stylings for some fresh breezy spring and summer home styles!

  1. Breezy Fabrics

            Fabrics that are great for the colder months might include things like velvet silk and tweed; but fabrics that are perfect for the spring and summer months, also described as “light and breezy fabrics” include ones like linen or printed cotton. suggests swapping the winter out for the spring fabrics with your pillows, but you could also swap them out for curtains, rugs, and even tablecloths!

  1. Bright Beddings

            Not only can you change the fabrics to brighten up your rooms, but you can also change the colors – especially in your bedrooms! You might have a heavy duvet or comforter with thick blankets for the winter and colder months; replace them with something lighter and with a lighter color scheme. You could swap something simple like a dark purple for a light/pastel purple; or you could completely switch from cool colors to all pastels and/or lighter colors. It really depends on your own personal taste!

  1. Add Some Greens

            While of course we mean adding the color green, we also mean adding some foliage to your home décor. While adding flowers, as we’ll mention later is a classic way to make your home feel like spring, adding some foliage is something unique that works just as well. suggests adding things like banana leaves, philodendron leaves, or even palms and papyrus. Just like flowers, if the water is monitored and they are trimmed regularly they can last for a while!

  1. Color Accents

            If you don’t have the time or money to change all of your décor, simply add some color accents. This could come in the form of pillows or curtains as mentioned previously, or even just with different knick-knacks like vases and centerpieces with bright spring colors that pop! Check out what the popular color and design trends for 2016 will be with our old blog, and see how they compare to that of 2015!

  1. Spring Cleaning

            Of course this probably was the first thing that came to your mind with the title of our blog, about getting your home ready for spring! We have some great tips from our blog about Spring Cleaning including:

  1. Spring Scents

            Of course flowers and foliage will add some great natural scents, but don’t forget to swap out those air fresheners and candles. You may have had scents that go with the holidays like cranberries or holly; for spring you might want to find something lighter like a nice citrus or the popular “breezy laundry” scent. While your swapping your air fresheners, it might be a good idea to clean out your fireplaces, chimneys and ceiling fans, since you’ll probably be using your fireplaces less and your ceiling fans more!

7.Don’t Forget The Walls!

If you want to make a dramatic change to your home décor, then changing your wall colors are a great way to do that. A common trend is creating an “accent wall” by just painting one wall in a certain room a color that matches some of your other accents in the room. You can also completely change it with some bright wallpaper or painting the whole room! It really depends on how much time you have, or how dramatic you want the change to be.

  1. Indoor Flowers

       As we mentioned earlier adding some foliage is one great way to get your home ready for spring but so is adding some fresh flowers. You’ll likely already be getting your outdoor garden ready for spring with our blog – How To Prepare Your Garden For Spring, so you might as well find some great indoor flowers to add to your shopping list as well. suggests night-blooming jasmine as having a great scent and a beautiful flower for spring!

  1. New Art Pieces

            While you’re looking for new wallpaper or a new color to paint the walls as previously mentioned, you might want to look for some new art pieces as well; Think breezy and summer like nice dogwood blossoms or even some nice beach scenes. Again, it should match your other décor and be your own personal preference.

  1. Bold Color

Finally if you can’t decide which way to go with your accent colors or fabrics, try painting the entire room (of a small room like a laundry room or powder room) a bright, bold color.

Hopefully between this blog and the other blogs we mentioned, you’ll have a ton of great ideas of how to get your home ready for spring. After all nobody wants to be reminded of the cold wintery months all year round! Just remember when considering these tips, only use the ones that A. you have the time for B. you have the budget for and C. are your own personal taste!

Happy Decorating!

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