How To: Get Your Home Ready for 2016

How To: Get Your Home Ready for 2016As 2015 comes to a close, we end on another great year of real estate tips and tricks for the homeowner or potential homeowner. If you’re a regular blog reader of mine then you should be up to date on the basic, but important facts and figures of homeownership such as:

All of the above blogs have very useful information, especially if you’re planning on selling your home in the New Year. But whether your planning to sell or not, you should definitely follow the tips below to get your home ready for the new year of 2016!

  • Go Green

            With the New Year many people resolve to get in shape or get healthy. Another way, that people often overlook, to do that is by turning your home into a “green” or energy-efficient home. Doing these assists with your get healthy resolution by making the planet you live on an overall healthier place to live. While you can always splurge by investing in solar roof panels or energy-efficient toilets, if you also resolved to save money you can do something simple like switching to LED light bulbs, according to our trusted source.

  • De-clutter

            The holidays are usually a time for giving, and you can do that by cleaning out closets and getting rid of things you no longer use. Who says you have to wait until spring-cleaning to do this? If you just acquired a whole bunch of new things from family and friends that you’ll use more than your old things, then follow the old cliché of “Out with the old and in with the new!” You can go with the spirit of the season and donate them or give them away to those in need, or if your bank account is hurting from the holidays you can always sell them to get some extra cash! Either way one great way to make sure your home is ready for 2016 is to get rid of junk!

  • Repair, repair, repair!

            Of course everyone wants to upgrade to an eco-friendly, clutter-free home but it’s important to repair what you already have as well. If you’ve been putting off fixing that leaky pipe or broken dishwasher, resolve to do it in 2016! Make a to do list of repairs as you’re doing the early spring-cleaning and de-cluttering mentioned in the previous step. Once the to do list is created, resolve to get it done!

  • Upgrade or Convert Garages and Extra Spaces

            While you’re reading this list you might already be planning to move your junk or broken appliances into your garage – DON’T DO IT!! In fact you might want to upgrade your garage before doing the steps above to keep yourself from being tempted to just hiding it all away in there. You probably need to clean your garage and/or basements of unused junk that’s been piled there as well. Some other great ways to upgrade your garage could be to add some new lighting, new flooring, new shelving space, or even fixing that garage door opener. While you’re fixing up the garage you might want to fix up any spare rooms you have as well like your guest bedroom, office, or basement.

  • Add Curb Appeal

While it’s been a mild winter so far, the harsher temps are sure to come soon so this step might be best saved for the spring or warmer months. But there are even things you can do to fix up your curb appeal like making sure your walkways and driveways are always shoveled and salted so people don’t slip or bring slush into your home. Also making sure there is adequate lighting in these shorter days makes a huge difference. Then once it gets warmer out, you can add a fresh coat of paint and spruce up those flowerbeds and windowsills with some new flowers and plants!

If you think you deserve a fresh start in 2016 then your home should deserve one too. The tips listed above, combined with tips and tricks from previous blog posts are sure to rejuvenate your home for a great 2016. And if you are thinking about selling your home in 2016 I hope you don’t hesitate to contact me to assist you in the process. But in case I don’t hear from you I hope you have a very happy and prosperous 2016!

Happy New Year!

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