How To: Decorate for the Holidays in a Small Home or Apartment

How To:  Decorate for the Holidays in a Small Home or ApartmentMaybe your kids have grown and you decided to downsize from your four-bedroom two-story home to a two-bedroom ranch style house; or maybe you’re a Millennial that’s living in a tiny apartment to save your money for your first home; it doesn’t really matter WHY you have a small home or apartment to decorate for the holidays. No the real question is HOW do you decorate your small home or apartment for the holidays. If you’re living space is tiny it’s likely you’re going somewhere else (a family or friend’s home) to celebrate the season, but that doesn’t mean you have to skip the decorating! If you’ve just moved in, decorating can be a great way to settle in and get used to your new space. However, if you’ve been in your small space for a while, decorating it for the holidays can bring you some extra cheer and make it feel a little different. Just because you’re living space is small, doesn’t mean your holiday cheer should be small too! Try some of the decorating tips below and let us know if it helps you get into the Holiday Spirit!

  • Mini Christmas Tree

            Luckily Christmas trees come in all shapes and sizes. If your home or apartment is too small for a full-sized Christmas tree don’t hesitate to get a smaller one and raise it on a platform to give it a bigger presence. Smaller trees are also easier to decorate, especially if they are pre-lit!

  • Christmas Tree Shape

However, if you have a “go big or go home” attitude when it comes to the Christmas tree you can skip the tree altogether. suggests painting the Christmas tree directly on your wall! You can also draw a chalk outline, stack up books in the shape of a tree or use lights and garland with ornaments in the shape of a tree on your wall. This is also a great idea if you’re that Millennial that’s trying to save money for a home that was mentioned above or if you’re selling your home and don’t want to go through the hassle of putting up and taking down Christmas decorations. You can simply paint over this tree when the holidays are over!

  • Christmas Scents

            If you’re not in the mood to decorate but still want that Christmas feeling, Christmas scents can help with that! suggests making a cranberry & cinnamon stovetop potpourri to help get you in the Christmas spirit. Of course there are also other scents you might want to consider like evergreen (for the missing Christmas tree) or consider baking cookies while a fire is on in the fireplace; this last activity makes for a great bonding experience with your family too!

  • Wreaths, garlands or ornaments

            If you are going somewhere for the holidays and want to skip the indoor Holiday decorating, just decorate the outside of your home instead! Large windows are great places to hang wreaths, garlands or ornaments!

  • Swap It Out

            When you swap out your summer clothes for your fall and winter clothes, you can do the same with your home décor! Swap out your everyday throw pillows, blankets and even curtains for some holiday themed accessories. even suggests doing a DIY seasonal holiday pillow!

  • Holiday Lights

Of course holiday lights are a trusty standby! You can skip the indoor decorating and go all out with your lights and outdoor holiday decorations should you choose to! You can also get your whole neighborhood in on the idea and create a synchronized light show!

  • Decorate the Coffee Table

            Coffee tables can be a great use for decorating by throwing a holiday tablecloth over it; using it to serve hors d’oeuvres during your Christmas gathering; or even putting a pretty Christmas themed centerpiece on it.

  • Decorate the Door

Decorating the door only is a great idea, especially for a small apartment, You can hang snowflakes in the windows, a wreath on the door or even go all out like teachers sometimes do in schools and decorate the entire thing with some kind of theme or wrapping paper. The possibilities for decorating your door are endless and will give you that holiday cheer right when you enter the home!

Hopefully since Christmas will be here next week you’ve already gotten your decorating finished. But if you’re stumped about how to decorate your small living space I hope this blog helped!

Happy Decorating!

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