How Owning a Home Benefits Children

BenefitsChildrenBlogThere are so many benefits to owning a home that it’s hard to list them in one blog.  Sure owning a home is a lot of responsibility and can be time-consuming sometimes, but the benefits definitely out-weigh the stresses of homeownership.  One thing that might get overlooked but perhaps shouldn’t is your family, your children specifically.  This blog will give you reasons and statistics from a recent study done by Ohio State University professors on how owning a home benefits children.

Statistically speaking the benefits of owning a home for children are impressive.  The study’s results show that overall education achievement scores were about 16% higher than children that lived in rental units.  This study also showed that behavior problems were 1-3% lower for children that lived in homes.   Finally there was a 13 to 23% “higher-quality home environment” for those children that lived in homes rather than rental units.

The professors that conducted the study indicated that there are many factors that contribute to these impressive statistics.  Some of those factors are that children feel safer, stable, and have a more active family life.  This is usually because when a family buys a home it’s not something that’s taken lightly.  Children feel more secure and stable because they know they’ll be in the same place for quite a while.  They’ll build relationships with neighbors and friends at school.   Children who live in rentals are a little more hesitant to build those relationships because the family could pick up and move at any time.  Also children who live in homes usually have a more active family life meaning that the family spends more time together.  Time and effort is put into having nightly meals together and specific rooms might be made as playrooms or study rooms.  There is an equal balance for children to enjoy their parents company but not feel smothered because of the space a home can provide.

If you are considering buying or selling a new home versus living in a rental unit and your children are old enough to put in a valid opinion, include them in the decision. Including the whole family in the decision-making process is the best advice I can give because after all, I’m the only realtor in town that treats you like family!

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