Home Color Trends from the Past, Present and Future

Home Color Trends from the Past, Present and FutureIn my last blog I helped beginner painters with my blog post called “Home Painting 101: A Beginner’s Guide To Painting Things For The Home”. Now the next step is to choose your color palette. Choosing a color palette can be tricky because you want to express your unique personality but it should be something you can live with for years to come as well. Popular home color trends, just like everything else, are constantly changing. Let’s take a look at home color trends from the past, the present, and to the future of 2015 (since it’s right around the corner!)

Color Trends: The Past

Countryliving.com gives us a brief look at some of the popular color trends from 2013, naming emerald green as the 2013 color of the year! Some other top color trends and color combos they chose were:

  • Pink + Peacock blue + tangerine + brown color combo
  • Shades of gray or black with bright primary colors
  • Gray + blue-green
  • Shades of orange

Color Trends: The Present

While some of the color trends of 2013 and the past seep in to the present 2014 color trends; it seems this year’s color trends have been more about singular, simpler colors, according to HGTV:

  • Neutrals – For big things that are kept over a long period of time (like large furniture, cars, or carpet), experts are saying it’s better to get a neutral color so that it can be used for every circumstance
  • Shades of Gray – We’re not talking about the romance novel here but the shade of gray color trend seems to be a popular one that carried from 2013 and the past to the present.
  • Green – Green is becoming increasing popular as today’s homebuyers are becoming more eco-friendly.
  • Pink & Red Accents – While these colors are often associated with causes (ex: breast cancer awareness) they can be seen everywhere from the bedroom to the kitchen in today’s modern home décor.

Color Trends: The Future

It’s hard to believe it’s already November 2014! This means the future of 2015 is right around the corner, so let’s look at what behr.com thinks the popular color choices will be:

  • Dark colors – We’re not talking all black and grays like the previous years but pairing them with a dark pink or purple. com suggests pairing a teal or gray color on the walls with layers of accent colors like maroon, or white.
  • Pastels – Pastels paired with bright accents are becoming increasingly popular in any room of the house. An example would be to pair light lavender with a bright green bathtub or tower rack.
  • Bright Walls – Accents aren’t just used for signature pieces nowadays but also for whole walls. However, com suggests using them “strategically” by pairing them with colors like neutrals or darker hues of the accented wall.
  • Organic Colors – This color combo combines a bit of 2013 and 2014 by toning down the bring combos of 2013 and including the neutrals of 2014. Organic colors would include ones similar to “blue clay, snap pea green, crazy mocha foam, peach preserve” or other colors that would,

“fuse rustic and modern furniture with a cozy country charm.”

Some colors that are clearly on the “outs” include chocolate brown, gold, violet, and orange. While orange might have been popular in 2013 the only shades of orange that are popular now are the deep, organic ones mentioned above. It’s easy to see that some of these colors have stayed popular like shades of gray, but the use of them has changed. Green is another one that has remained popular in the past, present and future; however the shades and uses of it have changed over the years.

Hopefully this blog has you even more excited at the idea of becoming a homeowner. If this blog just inspired you to become a new homeowner, feel free to visit our featured listings. We have a variety of beautiful homes that would love to feel your creative touches!

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