Give Thanks For: DIY Thanksgiving Crafts For Kids!

Give Thanks For: DIY Thanksgiving Crafts For Kids!We originally wanted to call this blog “Give Thanks For: Family” but we’re sure you don’t need a holiday to do that! With our team motto being “treating you like family” we hope that you’re thankful for your family all year round! So instead we thought we’d give you some great DIY Thanksgiving craft ideas that will keep your kids busy and entertained while you’re staying busy when Thanksgiving Day arrives. After all, it’s only a week away! These will also make a great bonding moment for you and your family, enjoy!

  • Mini Pumpkin Place Cards

You can let your kids get as creative as they want with these, with everything from decorating the mini pumpkins to creating the place cards. It all depends on how formal or informal you want your dinner to be. Either set your kids in front of your computer and allow them to create the design on there (on a business-card sized piece of paper – Better Homes & Gardens has a simple pumpkin transparent image with the guest’s name in a fancy script for example.) If you’re allowing the kids to use the computer for this, you might want to make sure it’s the older kids (teenagers for example) or make sure that the younger ones have adult supervision. Again, if you’re giving this craft idea for the younger kids expect some crazy designs both on the place cards and the miniature pumpkins! Once they’ve finished decorating both simply place the name card on the pumpkin with a pin.

  • Turkey Placemats

            This is another one where you might get some crazy results but it will keep your kids busy for hours! Before the kids arrive create a station for them out of the kitchen and dining room (perhaps in a game room, den, or even along the side of the living room) so that their crafts don’t get in the Thanksgiving meal! Using brown construction paper cut one large circle and one small circle for the turkey’s body and the head. Then using red and yellow construction paper cut out the beak, and feet and other accents. You can use black and white construction paper to cut out the eyes or even purchase “googly eyes” to make it really fun. Then provide an endless amount of crazy crafts like glitter, ribbons, pipe cleaners, beads, magazine clippings, toothpicks, straws, paperclips, (and glue of course) etc. that will be used as the feathers and let their imaginations go crazy! Of course you can show them the basics of where to put the head and feet of course, or you can let their imaginations go even crazier and let them figure it out for themselves. A bonus is that once they’re finished, not only will they have a super fun placemat but they’ll also have a decoration to take home!

  • Natural Centerpieces

            Similar to the previous craft you might want to have a prepared workspace for this one, away from your meals and dinner preparation. The only things you’ll need to supply (depending on your location of course) are a random collection of different sized bottles, a tray, water, and maybe some fake moss. Depending on how early your young guests arrive, you can even let them go collect the main elements of this craft around your backyard. Give them a basket and a list of things to collect including, fall leaves of different colors, fall flowers of different colors, and random sticks and branches, and some grass or moss if you didn’t pick some up in advance. Once they finish collecting these items have an older child (like a teenager) or another adult trim up some of the supplies and then have this adult or teenager pour the water into each glass (probably best done using a funnel.) Then, similar to the previous DIY crafts, let their imaginations go wild and have them arrange these fall flowers, leaves, and twigs in the bottles however they desire. How many they make depends on how many tables there are and how long each table is. Of course, if you don’t like this centerpiece idea you can always just let their imaginations go really wild and lay out a bunch of craft supplies and say there is no specific kind of centerpiece that you want, you just want them to have fun!

  • Creative Wreaths

This last DIY craft is one they can create for their own bedroom doors at home or even for their parents’ from door if they’ll allow it. You’ll also need to create a craft space for this one and include a number of foam wreaths of any color (can usually be found at your local craft store) and then just supply a number of fall colored crafts pieces including felts, ribbons, glitter, beads, fake leaves and flowers, etc. (also of which can be bought at your local crafts store). Then let their imaginations go wild! These wreaths don’t even have to be of the foam material. If you do use the foam material make sure to provide pins so that their masterpieces can come to life. But with any other material you’ll need to use a hot glue gun. If you’re uncomfortable with allowing your kids to use pins or hot glue let them arrange the pieces how they want them and allow an adult or teenager to glue or pin it down for them. While we want your kids to have fun, safety is also important!

Hopefully this blog has given you a number of ways for your kids to create lasting Thanksgiving memories and reduced their parents’ stress on this day by keeping their young ones busy and entertained. However, if you’re looking for even more great DIY Thanksgiving craft ideas, make sure to stop by our source for this blog – Better Homes & Gardens, where a number of more great ideas await!

Happy Crafting!

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