Five Steps to Winterize Your Home

Five Steps to Winterize Your HomeIt’s hard to believe that’s it’s already the winter season in the Greater Pittsburgh area. But the fact is that it’s here and the Pittsburgh area has already seen signs of snow. While it’s important to keep yourself safe and germ-free during the winter, it’s also important to keep your home safe during the winter too. My blog has given you tips on how to prepare for each season, and this winter is no exception. In this blog I’ll give you some easy steps to winterize your home and prepare for the sometimes harsh weather that the greater Pittsburgh area is sure to see.

  1. Wrap Those Pipes

In order to keep your pipes from freezing or bursting, it’s crucial to make sure your pipes are wrapped securely. Be sure to stop by our Pinterest Page to view our infographic that has more detailed information about how to protect your pipes during the winter.

  1. Fully Check the Fireplace

If you have a fireplace in your home either make sure you have gathered enough wood or fuel (if it’s a gas fireplace or you have a gas heater) to make good use of it during this time of year. Also if you plan to use your fireplace regularly make sure you call a chimney sweep to clean out your chimney and make sure it’s completely safe to use.

  1. Get a Full Maintenance Check

Some homes might use a furnace as their heat source for the colder months. If this is the case be sure to call a service technician and get a full maintenance check to make sure it’s safe to use.

  1. Clean Up the Landscaping

Landscaping needs to be maintained all year round, including the winter. Before the colder weather hits make sure your gutters are cleaned thoroughly. Also, trim back any dead branches that may be able to hold heavy snowfall. Trimming them in advance will keep you safe from an unscheduled avalanche.

  1. Update Windows

There are many things you can do to decrease your heating bill including making sure your windows are fully insulated. even suggests using “black out shades”, which are thick window coverings that block wind and are. Making sure your windows are fully insulated will decrease the chance of cold air entering and you cranking up your heat.

For seasonal safety tips be sure and stop by our Seasonal Tips board on Pinterest. There you’ll find additional infographics like – Snow Safety Tips and Snow Safety Tips for Pittsburgh Homeowners. Ideally these things are cheaper if they are done earlier in the year before the cold weather hits – but it’s better late than never! The Jim Dolanch Team wishes you a safe and warm winter!

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