Do You Need To See A Home Before Buying It?

Do You Need To See A Home Before Buying It?If you’re a regular blog reader of mine then you probably noticed a recent blog that gave very sound advice called Why You Should Sell Your Home This Fall. While that blog gave incredibly good advice, it did touch on the fact that the fall season is not the busiest time of year to buy a home. The busiest time of year for any real estate market, but especially the Pittsburgh real estate market is from the Spring to the Summer. This is largely because it tends to get colder and darker more quickly once the fall season arrives. These two differences make buyers less motivated to get out there and see the homes they are interested in – but do they really need to?

According to,

“21% of more than 2,100 home buyers recently surveyed made an offer without seeing it in person.”

  • Millennials composed 30% of those buyers
  • Buyers that bought their house for more than $750,000 also never saw it first

While these are some surprising statistics, I’d still highly recommend setting up a tour for any homes you feel strongly about. It’s easy to assume based on some (likely) heavily photoshopped pictures and some enticing phrasing that the home you found online could be your dream home. But what if the seller of the home missed my blog from last winter that gave some excellent Home Winterizing Tips?

What if their home is not properly insulated or their windows not prepped for the winter as this blog states? And these are just a few things that could be deceiving from online listings.

So while it seems as though not seeing a home before buying it is becoming a popular trend, I wouldn’t recommend it. I would, however recommend contacting The Jim Dolanch Team to set up tours for any of the beautiful homes you found on our featured listings today!

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