Common Home Search Arguments and How To Compromise Them

Common Home Search Arguments and How To Compromise ThemSome might say that when you reach the point in your relationship or marriage where you are searching for a home together is one of the most exciting parts! Others, however, might view this differently. Your significant other may have all the checkmarks on your list that makes you both very compatible, except for your living preferences. You can avoid feeling completely exasperated during your home search with tips from this blog! Here you can identify Common Home Search Arguments and Learn How To Compromise them!

Common Home Search Arguments

You and your significant other (whether he or she has been your marriage partner for fifteen years or just your boyfriend or girlfriend for 5) may agree on everything and may seem like your soul mate – until you start the home search process. Let’s first take a look at what common criteria partners disagree over:

  • Location

            The husband might wish for a location with a “green lifestyle” within close distance to golf courses and a very suburban feel. Meanwhile the wife could desire a location right in the heart of their closest city, within walking distance to theaters and restaurants.

  • Style

            Another example of a common disagreement is on the style of home each prefers. According to, one could want the warmth and coziness that a traditional home provides while the other prefers the “cool, airy and open” vibe that a contemporary home provides.

  • Neighborhood

            While neighborhood is similar to location, it differs in style. One could want a neighborhood with older homes from the ‘50s (and this preference could be found in either the suburbs or the city) while the other wants a large, new construction home.

How To Compromise Them

Of course there are many more search disagreements that come about from searching for a new home, down to the smallest detail. To prevent you and your significant other from reaching the point of not speaking to each other during the home search process, here are some tips on how to compromise them.

  1. His/hers Priorities List

            Often times there are things that each person will declare as “non-negotiable”. This is where the his/her priorities list plays an important role. Having each partner rank their priorities in their home search will make it easier on their real estate agent to see what’s the most important. For example, one may rank their distance to work as number one while the other may put a 2-car garage as their number one. Their real estate agent should easily be able to use both of these number ones in their search for the perfect home for this couple.

  1. Preliminary Tour

While some couples may have a very exact idea of what they want (and it may be nothing like the other), other may have no idea what they want. If this is the case for your couple, it might be a good idea to go on a preliminary tour with them. As long as they have a few areas where they’d like to search in mind, the real estate agent can come up with a number of different types of homes of different styles and sizes so the couple can narrow down what they do and don’t like.

  1. Look Together

            While it might seem easier to schedule each showing whenever one or the other is available – don’t! Schedule each showing whenever both the wife and the husband or each partner is there to see the homes. This way nobody’s time is wasted if one partner absolutely loves the home and the other hates it.

  1. Put the Relationship First

            Finally, perhaps the most important bit of advice I can give is to always put the relationship first. Of course I’m no relationship expert, but if one partner gets everything they want in the home and the other doesn’t it will create a sense of resentment that will likely lead to unhappiness and it will likely go down hill form there. Choosing a home that is a fair compromise of both his/her priorities should allow the couple to feel as though their needs are “recognizes and appreciated” according to our source.

If you were hesitant about searching for a new home because you were uncertain how your relationship would survive the search, hopefully this blog has eased those concerns. If you have any more questions or concerns about the home search process feel free to contact me directly or even visit our YouTube channel where we have a video series targeted at you, the prospective home buyer (specifically the First Time Home Buyer).

Happy Searching!

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