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Tips For Becoming a Landlord

Of course I would hope you’d be more interested in selling your home rather than leasing it but I realize that selling a home isn’t always the best-case scenario. No matter what the reason that you don’t want to sell your home, you always have the option of becoming a landlord and leasing your home […]

5 Common Taxpayer Mistakes

Did you know filing taxes electronically increased by 11.8% in 2015 compared to the 5% increase in self-prepared taxes for 2015? Using the web to file taxes is only one of the ways the IRS gives for fixing these 5 common taxpayer mistakes. Simple Math.             As mentioned, submitting your taxes electronically is the easiest […]

5 Overlooked Tax Savings for The Home

Hopefully, since it’s already mid-April, you’ve already filed your taxes since they are due before April 15 (a most dreaded day for some)! But if you haven’t, we have a number of blogs that can assist you in the process like 4 Tax Tips for Homeowners and Why Your Credit Score Is Important and How […]

What’s #TrendingPGH?

Now that the weather is finally warmer in the greater Pittsburgh area, Pittsburgh has been buzzing with activity.  If you’re looking for some great events for this month in Pittsburgh you should stop by our blog.  We have two blogs there about Pittsburgh area events that are both family-friendly events and adult-only events.  Now let’s […]