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5 Common Taxpayer Mistakes

Did you know filing taxes electronically increased by 11.8% in 2015 compared to the 5% increase in self-prepared taxes for 2015? Using the web to file taxes is only one of the ways the IRS gives for fixing these 5 common taxpayer mistakes. Simple Math.             As mentioned, submitting your taxes electronically is the easiest […]

5 Overlooked Tax Savings for The Home

Hopefully, since it’s already mid-April, you’ve already filed your taxes since they are due before April 15 (a most dreaded day for some)! But if you haven’t, we have a number of blogs that can assist you in the process like 4 Tax Tips for Homeowners and Why Your Credit Score Is Important and How […]

8 Things Millennials Look For In A Home

Now that “repeat buyers” also known as “baby boomers” are returning to the real estate market, it might be time to shift your focus. So what’s next for the real estate industry? That would be Millennials, also often referred to as “first-time homebuyers”. According to, the Millennial age group is roughly 80 to 90 […]

In Honor of Our Vets

The Jim Dolanch Team first and foremost wants to thank all past, current, and future veterans for their services in the forces. We truly appreciate everything you do for our country and understand the sacrifices you make for us. However, did you know that there are sacrifices as well as benefits to being a United […]

Translating the Real Estate Lingo

As with every industry there are sometimes terms and “lingo” that can be confusing to those that don’t use it on a regular basis.  That holds true for the real estate industry as well.  As a real estate professional we sometimes say terms that might come as second nature to us but might be confusing […]

How to Know If You Qualify for a Home Loan

First time homebuyers should be very aware that buying a home is more than just signing some papers and getting some house keys.  There are many additional factors to consider like making sure you choose the right neighborhood by looking into some criteria like school districts and safety; making sure you have all the right […]