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Is Timing Important in Real Estate Deals?

As the cooler weather and shorter days make their way into the Pittsburgh region, prospective home buyers and sellers often get wary about entering into the real estate market. But should they be? It’s true that the Pittsburgh region usually has harsher winters than most other regions around the country, but that shouldn’t steer homebuyers […]

Why Buying Your Dream Home Just Got Easier!

If you’re a first time homebuyer or seller, or even a repeat home buyer, the terminology and paperwork that goes a long with these processes might seem overwhelming. Well starting October 3, 2015 homebuyers are going to get some relief because there are new rules going into effect that will make the closing process easier […]

5 Common Taxpayer Mistakes

Did you know filing taxes electronically increased by 11.8% in 2015 compared to the 5% increase in self-prepared taxes for 2015? Using the web to file taxes is only one of the ways the IRS gives for fixing these 5 common taxpayer mistakes. Simple Math.             As mentioned, submitting your taxes electronically is the easiest […]