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5 Common Taxpayer Mistakes

Did you know filing taxes electronically increased by 11.8% in 2015 compared to the 5% increase in self-prepared taxes for 2015? Using the web to file taxes is only one of the ways the IRS gives for fixing these 5 common taxpayer mistakes. Simple Math.             As mentioned, submitting your taxes electronically is the easiest […]

5 Overlooked Tax Savings for The Home

Hopefully, since it’s already mid-April, you’ve already filed your taxes since they are due before April 15 (a most dreaded day for some)! But if you haven’t, we have a number of blogs that can assist you in the process like 4 Tax Tips for Homeowners and Why Your Credit Score Is Important and How […]

4 Tax Tips for Homeowners

As if I haven’t stressed this enough there are tons of benefits to owning a home, especially around the tax season.  Of course these tax deductions vary by state and as a homeowner one of your new responsibilities is to stay updated on the changes that sometimes happen yearly.  But since it is the tax […]