Best Trees and Plants for the Best Curb Appeal

Best Trees and Plants for the Best Curb AppealIf you’re a regular blog reader of mine, you’ve noticed we’ve dedicated a number of blogs to spring-cleaning, including our most recent one about storing winter items. While there are some past blogs dedicated to spring gardening, like preparing your garden for spring and ways to increase curb appeal while on budget, this one gets even more specific. In this blog we’ll give you the best trees and plants that provide the best curb appeal to make sure your getting the most out of your spring-cleaning and spring gardening!

To break it down as best as possible, suggests using 50% for evergreens, 25% for flowering shrubs and 25% for perennials. Now, let’s get even more specific and give you the best of those categories to make your curb appeal the best!!

  • Evergreens: 50% (- Plants that stay green all year round.)

->Littleleafe Boxwood – Also known as “Green Velvet” typically grow with pale green to yellow leaves and up to 4 feet high.

->Japanese Yew – While there are different variations of these evergreens (some, like ‘Densa’ have red berries in the winter) these plants typically take longer to grown and don’t grow very high. On average they grow 4 feet high and 8 feet wide.

  • Flowering Shrubs: 25% (- Smaller plants, typically with flowers that only bloom during certain months.)

->Shasta Daisy – This is a beautiful white-petaled flower with a yellow center that grows approximately 4 inches tall and 3 feet wide from the summer to early fall.

->Salvia – Unlike the previous flower that only comes in white, this flower has the options of violet, pink or white and grows approximately 18 inches tall, also from the summer to fall.

  • Perennials: 25% ( – Plants that return each year.)

->Smooth Hydrangea – There are different types of this plant that come in different colors (for example ‘Annabelle’ is white in summer and ‘Bella Anna’ is pink in the fall. These plants that return each year (the definition of a perennial) grow approximately 5 inches high and wide according to com.

->Evergreen Rhododendron – If placed in the right environment and cared for properly these beautiful green and leafy flowers will return each year. They can vary in color depending on the kind but most are “funnel-shaped flowers” in variations of pink or white and grow to be at least 3 feet high if not more.

  • Best Trees to Plant

->Fig – If you are contemplating the idea of a fruit tree but don’t want the mess of them the fig tree might be the one for you! It grows approximately 10-30 feet tall and 15-30 fit wide and is best placed right next to the home. However if it’s placed there it’s important to make sure that you prune it so that each branch reaches the sun! Not only will you enjoy a beautiful tree but also you’ll get ripe figs after three to four years!

->Sugar Maple – For a stunning color, com suggests the 60-75 foot. tall and 40-50 foot wide Sugar Maple. This is a great tree for any climate because it can grow in any soil and temperature. As a bonus, you can even make your own syrup from the sap!

While this blog should give you some great tips and plants to get you started, it’s clear that these are only some of the best trees and plants for the best curb appeal. For more best plants and best trees to plant, you can visit the sites listed above! It’s also important to remember that when you plant these trees and shrubs that you’ll want to put the shortest in the front and the tallest near the home!

Happy Planting!

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