Best Places to Watch Pittsburgh Fireworks for 4th of July 2017

Happy 4th of July Pittsburgh!

We hope your summer has been off to a great start so far in Pittsburgh! With the 4th of July coming up this weekend we thought it would be a good idea to share with you some of the best places to watch the fireworks! Most of these Pittsburgh-famous spots have a great view of the city as well! The bottom half of this blog also gives some area-specific locations to enjoy the fireworks show if you’d like to stay in your area or the South Hills areas of Pittsburgh. We hope this will help you plan your holiday weekend a little better!

Pittsburgh’s Best Firework Locations:

  1. Mount Washington

If you’re a Pittsburgh native you probably already know that the Mount Washington Overlook provides one of the best views of the city. Even if you are a visitor or a recent transplant you’ve probably heard of this location because the view is breathtaking. Naturally this is our #1 pick to watch the fireworks. Our source goes into even more detail saying that the best spots on the Mt. Washington Overlook to watch fireworks include: “the Point of View Sculpture in front of Monteray Bay, inside Monteray Bay, and at the Duquesne Incline.” They do not recommend the Monongahela incline and suggest getting their early on busy nights such as 4th of July to find good parking.

  1. West End

            If you want to be a bit more creative with your view of the city and fireworks you might want to try the West End Bridge and the West End Overlook. Our source provides a map as to where you can find these spots; however it does not guarantee great parking.

  1. Point State Park

            To get a great view of fireworks only, then this is the location for you! It’s the closest spot in the entire city and there are even fun things to do during the day if you plan on getting there early. Two important things to note about this location are its popularity and the location of the fireworks. Because of the view and the events going on during the day it’s likely to be very crowded during the 4th of July. Also the fireworks will not have a view of the city, as they will be away from it. So if you’re just looking for fireworks, then this is perfect for you.

  1. The Bridges

            Those of you that attend Pirates games at PNC park regularly already know that the bridges are a great place to view fireworks (as they often have fireworks night on game days); however you also know that some bridges are closed during these sorts of activities. Some bridges are only open to pedestrians and others are closed completely because these spots are where the fireworks go off. Whichever bridge you choose, if you’re watching the fireworks from Pittsburgh’s north side on the Allegheny river, this spot can’t be beat!

  1. Fineview Lookout

            This is perhaps Pittsburgh’s best-kept secret and provides a beautiful view of the city. Compared to our other options there are likely to be much smaller crowds at this location, if any at all, since not many Yinzers or visitors know of it! It’s perfect if you’re looking for something a little more romantic for your firework-viewing friend or partner.

South Hills of Pittsburgh Fireworks Info.:

While we consider ourselves a resource for the entire Pittsburgh area, we also want to narrow it down a little for you. Another source has given some more specific locations where you can watch the fireworks in case you don’t feel like going downtown or dealing with huge crowds:

  • Canonsburg – Town Park & Canon McMillan Stadium at 10 PM on July 4
  • McDonald – Heritage Park at dusk on July 3
  • LebanonMt. Lebanon Main Park at 9:30 PM on July 4
  • Upper St. ClairFairview Park at dusk on July 4


If your town isn’t listed in this blog and you’re curious as to when and where your fireworks show will be it’s probably best to contact your township. Most townships have their own office buildings and/or websites. A simple Internet search will likely provide you with this contact information.

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