Best Pizza Places in Peters Township, PA

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If you’ve recently moved to Peters Township, PA you might notice that there’s a ton of fantastic pizza places all over this South Hills area of Pittsburgh. If you’re a Peters Township native, then this might be one of the things you love about the area! While it’s important to have home-cooked meals with your family to keep a healthy lifestyle, every once in a while it’s good to indulge in your favorite pizza place. But there are so many in Peters, how do you choose? We’re here to help by giving you the top 5 pizza places, with reviews from our team members as well!


  1. Harry’s Pizza – 4133 Washington Road McMurray, PA 15317

4/8 team members picked Harry’s Pizza as their favorite! Since our real estate team always “treats you like family”, it’s easy to see why this family-owned pizza shop was at the top of the list! This most recent review from their Yelp Page (which puts Harry’s as #2 on their list) states some great facts about the pizza favorite but fails to mention their fantastic salad and servers as well! Their friendly staff and excellent food will instantly turn you into a regular customer!


  1. Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza – 102 McDowell Lane McMurray, PA 15317

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            Even though it was ranked as #6 on Yelp, Anthony’s McMurray location is #2 on our list because 3/8 team members, including myself, picked it as their favorites. The Miami FL Anthony’s location even won the 2017 Experts’ Choice Award! While Harry’s pizza is a Neapolitan-style, Anthony’s serves a more “well-done taste” according to their website. We’ve taken many team lunches here and our salesperson Deborah Pomposelli agrees,

“I love Anthony’s and their thin, burnt crust”

  1. Pizza Al’s – 3504 Washington Road McMurray, PA 15317

Pizza Al’s is ranked as #5 on Yelp and is our Listing Manager’s favorite. She likes a slightly thicker crust and according to their reviews from their Facebook Page, it sounds like you get great, big pizza for a great value:

  1. Mm! Mm! Pizza – 3647 Washington Road McMurray, PA 15317

Mm! Mm! Pizza ranks as #3 on Yelp and is another favorite of salesperson Deborah Pomposelli. She says,

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“Mmm…Mmm Pizza has a great variety on their delivery menu.”

It’s easy to see her review is true with this screenshot from their website, and that’s just some pizza options!


  1. Fiori’s Pizzaria – 3801 Washington Road McMurray, PA 15301

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While not selected by any of our team members as a favorite, Fiori’s Pizzaria made this list because it’s #1 in the Peters Township area on Yelp. Based on these reviews it looks like a lot of customers appreciate the actual restaurant as well as the food. One of the top reviews from the Yelp page said,

“The atmosphere was really pleasant as well, very clean and aesthetically pleasing, not grimy like most other pizza places I’ve been to.”



If you’ve got a craving for some pizza in Peters Township, we hope this blog has helped you narrow down some choices. Of course it also has some popular pizza chains that deliver like Pizza Hut (ranked #10 on Yelp), and Vocelli Pizza (ranked #15 on Yelp) but why not try a local favorite? Do you agree with our top five favorite pizza places in Peters Township? Comment below, I’d love to hear from you!

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