6 Ways to Bring Luck into Your Home

6 Ways to Bring Luck into Your HomeSince St. Patrick’s Day was only a couple of days ago, we thought we’d share a blog where you can continue receiving the luck of the Irish in your new home all year round. There are tons of superstitions to bring luck or even bad luck, but what about for the new homeowner, or even a first time homebuyer? If you fit into either one of those categories, or even if you just think you deserve a little more luck for the rest of the year, here are 6 ways to bring luck into your home thanks to homesessive.com.

  1. Gnomes

Gnomes are probably one of the most popular good luck charms for homes all across America. But did you know that their background is from European folklore? According to these traditions, gnomes in your garden are said to bring “good luck and to keep a home safe from intrusion”.

  1. Elephant

An elephant is also a popular symbol for good luck, but did you know the trunk could symbolize different meanings? Similar to gnomes, an elephant with the trunk facing up means protection and is likely to help prevent break-ins. However according to the popular art of Feng Shui, an elephant with a trunk facing down is rumored to aid in fertility problems. If couples are having difficulties trying to grow their family with a new child, they might want to consider placing elephants with trunks facing down throughout their home.

  1. Ox

Legend has it that if the ox is placed in the southeast corner of the room, your home will experience good luck in business and investments according to homesessive.com. This is said to be true because the ox is considered an “honest and reliable creature”.

  1. Frogs

Frogs are said to have multiple meanings according to homesessive.com, but all positive ones! Some believe that they represent good luck and positivity. Others seem to thing a frog represents transformation; if a live frog is spotted it’s even luckier and an indication that new opportunities should be sought after. Still others of the more religious sense believe that FROG spells out Fully Rely On God and scatter them about their home to represent their faith.

  1. Carp Fish

Carp Fish have a Chinese background and is said to literally translate into abundance. They are also said to represent strength and bravery. The art of Feng Shui is also present here and very specific – you must put only three in a bowl; this is said to bring your family strength during difficult situations.

  1. Turtle

Turtles as symbols of wealth also stem from Chinese legends. They are also said to represent good fortune and luck, so if you have been having any financial misfortune, turtles might be the statue of choice for you.

If there’s a new homeowner in your life, now you have some ideas of a gift to give them to bring luck into their new home. Of course we don’t expect you to literally give them an elephant or an ox, but there are tons of beautiful and tasteful statuses out there that might inspire you! Also, keep in mind that these are all legends and not guarantees, but they also couldn’t hurt!

Thanks and Good Luck!

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