6 Staging Ideas That Help Make a Quick Home Sale

6 Staging Ideas That Help Make a Quick Home SaleWith the winter weather quickly approaching it’s important to remember every possible tip to help get your home sold fast. The Jim Dolanch Team does a great deal to get your home sold, ranging from posting it all over social media networks to making personalized brochures for when an agent shows your home. The Jim Dolanch Team will also assist you with these 10 staging ideas that will help make a quick home sale.

  1. Fix the Fist Impression.

By first impression we mean the exterior of the home and the surrounding landscaping. This is the first step because it’s probably the most important. There are many instances where potential drivers will do a “drive-by” before or in the middle of a conversation with a real estate agent. If the outside of the home turns them off, many will not even see the inside. Some ways to fix the exterior of the home (depending on the season) include:

  • Landscaping – Make sure the lawn is mowed regularly, and fresh mulch and flowers and shrubs always add a positive affect. If it’s winter or fall, make sure the leaves are taken care of and the driveway or walks are regularly shoveled.
  • Garage Door – While having a garage is always considered a bonus, it’s important to make sure it’s a good quality garage and garage door. It’s easy to fix any dings or chipping paint, or even get an entirely new one.
  • Consider Replacements – It’s always a good idea to consider replacing a roof, some exterior lighting, or the garage door as mentioned previously. Make sure to even fix any broken blinds or screens in the windows because potential buyers notice every detail.
  1. Focus on the Front.

The front is another important step because not only is it greeting potential buyers but it will also be greeting their future guests and family members. Housemixblog.com suggests things like adding a fresh coat of paint, replacing the door knob or welcome mat, and even adding a potted plant or flowers.

  1. D.D. (Clean, Depersonalize, & Declutter!)

Obviously it’s important to give every area and countertop a good scrub down, dusting, and vacuuming. Don’t forget to clean under the sink and check that your pipes and plumbing have no leaks and are working properly. Cleaning off the counters is another important step because they can get cluttered with different appliances, decorations, spices, and other kitchen essentials. Limit yourself to leaving 3 of these knickknacks out and tuck the rest away.

Depersonalizing is important because if the home is filled with your family photos, the potential buyer may have trouble picturing their own family there. Or they may be distracted by your personal decorations and neglect the other important factors of the home. This includes all personal family photos, magnets on the fridge, and even favorite sports memorabilia.

If you have kids then it’s very important to declutter each room. This includes putting extra toys and things in a storage unit or another space while your home is on the market. This also includes removing any extra furniture like a “bulky chair or extra bookshelf”. While putting these things in storage you might as well rearrange the rooms to make them look more spacious. Housemixblog.com has some great before and after photos of how this can be accomplished. Or if you contact my team, we can assist you in this staging process as well.

  1. Fix Repairs.

As mentioned, potential buyers pay very close attention to every detail so it’s important to make sure even the smallest repair is fixed. As your real estate agent, I would gladly do a walk-through with you and assist you in recognizing these repairs. Some of them might include a leaky faucet, wires that are exposed, a leaky roof, etc.

This tip goes along with tip number three. Neutralizing means making the home neutral to males, females, old, young, or Steelers or Browns fans. While painting and decorating is a great way to show your personality and charm, it can be an instant turn-off for potential buyers. Remove all your Browns memorabilia (for example) from your game room or paint your daughter’s bright pink bedroom a more neutral color to appeal to all types of buyers.

  1. Add Subtle Accents.

Centerpieces give the home a personal touch and personality without being too personal. Some ideas for some neutral centerpieces include some fake fruit in a bowl or some flowers or fall branches from your garden. Centerpieces can change with the season to give your home a cozy feel.

Also, while adding scents is generally frowned upon due to potential allergies of potential buyers, a nice ”subtle scent” doesn’t hurt. If you do choose a neutral scent (like a crisp breeze for example) be sure to plug it in 2-3 weeks before you list your home so it’s not overwhelmingly strong.

It’s important to remember that every detail counts when selling a home because what might appeal to some potential buyers, might not appeal to others. If you have any questions about the above steps or want assistance in selling your home, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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