6 Easy Ways to Save On Your Energy Bill & Still Stay Cool This Summer

heat-834468_1280Hot summer days don’t have to mean a skyrocketing energy bill! Stay cool and minimize your costs with these simple energy-saving tips. A few minor adjustments can go a long way!

1. Set the Thermostat Right

Stay comfortable without the costs by setting your thermostat to the right temperature. The U.S. Department of Energy suggests that 78 degrees is a comfortable temperature to most. If you like it a bit colder, proceed with caution—one degree at a time.

2. Turn Up the Temp While You’re Away

When you know you’re going to be away for several hours at a time, turn up the thermostat to avoid using unnecessary energy to cool an empty house. And when you come home, be sure not to crank the AC to cool off faster. Simply return the setting to your normal temperature. It will cool down at the same rate either way.

ceiling-fan-1016677_12803. Turn on the Ceiling Fan

Did you know that using a ceiling fan can allow you to raise the temperature by as much as 4 degrees? So turn the fan on and turn up the AC. Remember to turn the fan off when you leave the room, though. Fans cool people with a wind-chill effect; they don’t cool the air.

4. Work Your Windows

Windows can be a big energy leak. Make sure they’re properly sealed against any possible heat leaks. Adding window treatments or coverings can help keep the cold in and the heat out. (And they help keep your house warm in the winter so they’re well worth the investment.) And when you know you’ll be away from home, or even out of a room, for a long period of time, close the blinds or coverings to prevent added heat from sun exposure.

5. Install Energy-Efficient Lightingbulb-87565_1280

Incandescent lighting is inefficient and heat-causing; in fact, only 10%–15% of the energy it uses actually causes light—the rest is heat. So make the investment and switch to energy-efficient lighting to save on lighting AND cooling. And don’t forget to shut off lights you’re not using.

6. Avoid Heat-Causing Activities During the Day

If at all possible, avoid activities that cause the production of heat, or save them for nighttime. This includes using the oven (stovetops, microwaves, and outdoor grills are better), running the dishwasher or dryer, charging computers, and using curling irons or blow dryers. They raise the temperature of your home—causing the cooling system to turn on more frequently—and can also raise your body temperature, making you more inclined to bump down the thermostat.

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