5 Things To Expect At Our 5th Annual Claybird Classic!

5 Things To Expect At Our 5th Annual Claybird Classic!Each year The Jim Dolanch Team supports Easter Seals Western & Central Pennsylvania by hosting two charity events – the Casino Night, which is held each year at Bella Sera in October, and the Claybird Classic, which is held every year at Nemacolin in April. Both of these events are a huge success and a great time each year! Last month we shared with you 5 Reasons You Should Attend Our 5th Annual Claybird Classic and hopefully that convinced you to purchase your tickets to this week’s event. If you have already purchased them, please RSVP and let us know that you’ll be attending on our Facebook Event. If you have already purchased your tickets, hopefully this blog will make you more excited about this Friday April 22nd and if you have not purchased tickets for this great charity event, hopefully this blog will convince you to attend next year’s event!

  1. A Community Supporting A Great Cause!

     We’re keeping this as number one in both blogs because it’s the most important. No matter what your reasons are for attending this event (if they are or aren’t listed on our 5 Things to Expect At Our 5th Annual Claybird Classicprevious blog about the Claybird), it’s important to remember that you’re supporting the great cause of Easter Seals Western & Central Pennsylvania. So it doesn’t matter if you’re out there having fun bonding with your family or teambuilding with your employees by shooting Claybirds, each and every person that attends this event will be donating to Easter Seals Western & Central Pennsylvania.

  1. NO Sales Gimmicks!

While yes we are supporting the great cause of Easter Seals and yes we are the number one team at Century 21 Frontier Realty, you won’t have to worry about any sales speeches or gimmicks at this event. This event is purely about having fun and supporting a great cause. Of course real estate is always on our minds, but with this event the focus will be solely on shooting Claybirds and supporting Easter Seals Western & Central Pennsylvania. In fact, the only speeches that are usually given are the safety speech before heading out to the trails and a thank you speech because we couldn’t be successful at this event without your support! So thank you, thank you, thank you in advance!

  1. Great Food!

    Yes, lunch is provided! If you’ve attended this event in the past you may have been worried because it used to be in the afternoon followed by a great dinner. However, just because the time has changed doesn’t mean the food has! Once everyone is done shooting there will be a great lunch buffet and even a few beverages if you desire one! Members of the team will also be riding around on a snack cart that will contain various types of snack foods and different types of drinks to keep you energized and hydrated while you are shooting. Also with the rain that’s anticipated for Friday – don’t worry, because rain or shine the lunch part of the event will be indoors!

  1. Great Prizes!

While you are enjoying your lunch we will also be giving away prizes! You will receive tickets upon entering that will be put in a raffle for all sorts of great door prizes. There 5 Things to Expect At Our 5th Annual Claybird Classicwill also be a 60/40-ticket raffle where the typical rate is that you can purchase three tickets for five dollars or an arms’ length worth of tickets for $10. There will also be certificates given for the top male shooter, top female shooter, the winning team, and the most honest shooeter (that will receive a gift certificate for shooting lessons!)

  1. New Friends Or New Clients!

If you don’t fit into any of the categories our previous blog about the Claybird 5 Things to Expect At Our 5th Annual Claybird Classicmentioned, and can’t find anyone to go with you but still want to attend – don’t worry! This event is a great way to make new friends! If you don’t have anyone to go with we’ll place you on a team. This is a great way to meet new people and maybe even make a new friend or even a new client for whatever your business happens to be! So don’t forget those business cards, they could come in handy at this event!

Of course there’s a ton more that you can expect like the great atmosphere at the venue of Nemacolin Woodlands Resort, and even some great pictures and videos that will be shared following the event. However you must like our Facebook Page to see pictures and videos from previous events, and then stay tuned for some from this Friday’s event as well! It’s clear from the photos that a great time is had each year and we’d love to see you there! After all, April is Autism Awareness month so what better way to show your support by attending a charity event that supports autism – Easter Seals Western & Central Pennsylvania! We hope this blog has you even more excited to attend our 5th Annual Claybird Classic this week and we look forward to seeing you there!

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