5 Reasons You Should Attend Our 5th Annual Claybird Classic!

5 Reasons You Should Attend Our 5th Annual Claybird Classic!Each year The Jim Dolanch Team supports Easter Seals Western & Central Pennsylvania by hosting two charity events – the Casino Night, which is held each year at Bella Sera in October, and the Claybird Classic, which is held every year at Nemacolin in April. Both of these events are a huge success and a great time each year; but if that’s not enough to convince you to purchase your tickets for next month’s Claybird Classic, then these additional top 5 reasons are sure to do the trick! (And if you’re curious about the Casino Night, check out our older blogFive Reasons You Should Attend The Jim Dolanch Team’s 9th Annual Casino Night.

  1. Support A Great Cause

            Each year the President and CEO of Easter Seals Western & Central Pennsylvania, Jim Bennett and the Vice President, Karen Kavic, attend both of our events and express their immense gratitude of our support. If you’re curious about what Easter Seals Western & Central Pennsylvania is, their mission, according to their website is,

“Easter Seals provides exceptional programs and services to ensure

Jim Bennett (left) and Karen Kavic (right) of Easter Seals Western & Central Pennsylvnaia

Jim Bennett (left) and Karen Kavic (right) of Easter Seals Western & Central Pennsylvania

that people with disabilities or other special needs and their families

have equal opportunities to live, learn, work and play in their communities. We provide programs in Pittsburgh, Franklin, Oil City, Johnstown, Somerset, State College, York & Harrisburg.”

Thanks to both of these events Century 21 Frontier Realty ranks as number eight internationally for Easter Seals fundraising and we couldn’t do that without your support!

  1. Teambuilding
Victorian Finance Ladies!

Victorian Finance Ladies!

Since this event starts at 9AM you could take your coworkers to the event and then reflect on what you learned when they’re back at the office (or even give them the rest of the day off – we won’t tell!) If you’re an experienced shooter you can teach the newbies in your office the ropes and experience some great teamwork. If you’re all experienced shooters you can all just have a friendly competition and have a great time while bonding over this fun activity. These ladies from Victorian Finance came with all smiles!



  1. Family Bonding

While at our Casino Nights you could bond with your family and friends by toasting to them at the full bar (also

Father & Son Shooting Team

Father & Son Shooting Team

reason number three in the blog mentioned above), you can bond with your family while shooting Claybirds as well! It’s a great experience for both fathers and sons or mothers and daughters, at a certain age of course. This father and son duo heard about the event and decided it would make a great father and son adventure so signed up with no shooting previous shooting experience!



  1. Treat Your Clients

            If you’re looking for a client appreciation activity, then this could be perfect! Show your clients how grateful you are for their business and treat them to a wonderful morning of shooting Claybirds followed by a great lunch buffet and some raffles. You can talk business back in the office, this is your chance to really get to know them and bond with them!

  1. Weekend Getaway

            If you don’t fit in any of the above categories (except of course supporting a great cause) then you could at the very least attend this event as a way to escape for the weekend. True Nemacolin is only about an hour away from the greater Pittsburgh area, but sometimes that little weekend getaway is all you need. You can let your frustrations out on the shooting range with us and then just stay the rest of the weekend by experiencing the many activities that Nemacolin offers!

If you’d still like more information don’t hesitate to contact our team administrative assistant, Jeanne Broglie at 724-941-8680 ext. 204 or email her at Jeanne@jimdolanch.com. She has information on the event itself as well as if information on if you’d like to be a sponsor. You can also stop by our Facebook Page and view photos from our previous events. It’s clear from the photos that a great time is had each year and we’d love to see you there! After all, April is Autism Awareness month so what better way to show your support by attending a charity event that supports autism – Easter Seals Western & Central Pennsylvania! We hope to see you there!

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