4 New Businesses Coming to the Pittsburgh Area

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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I love the city of Pittsburgh! Having been born and raised here I want everyone else to love it as much as I do!  So of course I want to advertise all of the good things (or as many as I can) that happen in Pittsburgh.  It should be no surprise that Pittsburgh is a thriving business community with new restaurants and businesses moving in all of the time.  Today’s blog features four new businesses that are coming to Pittsburgh and its surrounding counties!

  1. Washington County acquires a Field & stream store!  According to a recent Pittsburgh Business Times article I was reading, a Field and Stream store is coming to our very own South Strabane.  Field and Stream stores are a product of Dick’s Sporting Goods and this will be the second one in the greater Pittsburgh area, the first being in Cranberry. They will be located in the Foundry shopping center.
  2. Burgatory’s helluva good burgers and heavenly shakes opens two more locations!  After having such great success in its Robinson Township location, the owners of the increasingly popular burger joint have decided to open two more locations in the Pittsburgh area.  One will be in the North Shore and the other in the Waterworks/Fox Chapel area, according to the Burgatory website. You’ll get the same mouthwatering gourmet burgers and “adult”/”spiked” milkshakes, only in the downtown location there will also be a patio to accommodate the sports games.
  3. Ride-sharing service Lyft gives Pittsburgh Taxi services heavy competition.  Though it may be a matter of public opinion, the Pittsburgh Taxi services have been known to be unreliable and cause much stress for Pittsburgh city-dwellers.  This is perhaps why Pittsburgh has eagerly welcomed the new cutting-edge ride-sharing service called Lyft.  This donation-based service uses up-to-date technology by having a smartphone app and a Facebook plugin.  This is how riders and drivers find each other.  According to a Post-Gazette article, riders can then rate the drivers and determine their pay based on their rating. This service is also unique because drivers use their own cars, and signify that they are with the Lyft service by putting a pink mustache on their car. So if you see a bunch of cars with pink mustaches driving around, don’t be concerned! It’s only the ride-sharing service, Lyft.
  4. Toby Keith shows his Steeler Pride by bringing his restaurant to the North Shore.  Country music fans will love this news! Long-time Steelers fan Toby Keith is bringing his restaurant, I Love this Bar and Grill, to the North Shore.  According to a recent Post-Gazette article I was reading, this restaurant is to have a variety of southern comfort foods like fried chicken, ribs, and chicken fried steak.  You can enjoy these southern delicacies while listening to the talents of a variety of national and local country music talents.  This country-themed restaurant and bar is scheduled to open in the Spring of 2014!

The winter season is almost over, though the weather may not feel like it.  Once the warmer weather does hit Pittsburgh I hope you get out there and explore these new businesses and keep a look out for any more coming to Pittsburgh or the South Hills area. Do you have a comment about one of these new businesses or did you find another one in our area that you think is important to share? Don’t hesitate to put it in a comment below! I’d love to hear from you!

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