4 Features that Define Pittsburgh Patio and Carriage Homes

Patio&CarriageHomesImageIf you haven’t already noticed, The Jim Dolanch Team sells a number of different styles of homes, ranging in price, size, and locations.  An example of this variety and a very popular real estate trend for 2014 are Pittsburgh Patio and Carriage Homes.   People of all ages, young and old are looking for these types of homes.  One of our What’s #TrendingPGH? Blogs even identified them as an emerging 2014 real estate trend for the first time homebuyers group.  Older couples and retirees, also known as “empty-nesters” if they have children, are also interested in these types of homes because of the easy accessibility of single-floor living.  But you may be asking yourself what are patio and carriage homes, how are they described and how are they different from a normal home that’s for sale by The Jim Dolanch Team?  This blog will give you four tricks to determining the difference between patio and carriage homes and other properties for sale.

  1. A recent Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article defined patio and carriage homes as “ranch-style homes with single-floor living”.
  2. The same article said that patio and carriage homes are often in clusters attached to two or four other homes.
  3. These types of homes are often associated with a homeowners association, which grants the appeal of low-maintenance.
  4. Prices of these types of homes are typically in the $200,000 to $300,000 range and typically in the 2,000 square foot range as well.

Benefits of Single Floor Residences

The single-floor living appeals to both the older generations and the younger generations.  Stairs become a challenge for retirees with the risk of falling and injuring themselves.  Single-floor living eases both the retirees and the families of these retirees and is a nice alternative to sending them to some sort of senior-citizens care facility.  They still get their independence with a patio and carriage home and families have less to worry about with fewer risks of injuries.  This style of living appeals to first time homebuyers as well because as mentioned earlier in our What’s #TrendingPGH article they are looking for ranch style homes that are tech friendly.  They like the idea of having rooms that are big and open and can be used for multiple purposes, like a dining room and a living room.

Cluster Style Arrangement Eases Family Worries

The cluster-style arrangement is also a positive for both younger and older generations.  Families of the older generations can be put at ease once again because in these types of communities there are often community events or parties where neighbors can get to know each other.  Not saying this is true for all of these communities, but it is for a lot of them.   This appeals to the younger generations because it’s a way to meet new people and make new friends.  It appeals to the older generations because they will feel safer having a friendly neighbor near by.

Less Maintenance, More Time to Enjoy Life

The homeowners association, while there is usually a monthly fee that must be paid, is still an advantage in the long run.  These types of associations usually take care of things like clearing walkways during heavy snowfalls, which is always a big advantage when living in Pittsburgh.  Homeowners associations will also address residents concerns and any home maintenance issues.  They usually have a list of trusted repair and maintenance companies that will come and fix whatever the issue is.  This obviously appeals to both generations because as a retiree they can relax and enjoy their hobbies and not have to worry about constant home maintenance.  The same holds true for the younger generations who want to go out and enjoy their weekends and not have their weekends consumed with household chores.

Cost of Purchasing a Pittsburgh Carriage/Patio Home is Reasonable

The price and square footage are also reasonable for both older and younger generations.  They’re not too expensive and there is just enough space to live comfortably.  If you’re looking for an example of neighborhoods that have patio and carriage homes, The Jim Dolanch Team has a couple; Robin Hood Acres/The Crossings and Hidden Brook.

This ranch-style, single story living of Patio and Carriage homes have been around since the 50’s and 60’s and it looks like they’re going to be around for a while.  For more information about these types of homes and how you can view some, feel free to explore our website and fill out the form to get a customized report about patio and carriage homes sent to you directly.  Or you can call us directly at (724) 288-8800 for more information!

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  1. I am considering moving back to western PA to be closer to my elderly parents. My parents live in Ellwood City. I would need a one story floor plan, single garage, walk up attic or basement for storage. Prefer brick, 1- 2 bedrooms, 1 full bath and ? 1/2 bath, patio with fenced in area for small dogs and gardening.
    I know about Clearwater Eststates, the master bedroom is way too small for me. Are there any other options in western PA? Could you please assist me in my search? I am 61 years young. Sincerely, Jeanne

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