13 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Buyer’s Agent

buying a home in pittsburgh paDid you know that 80% of home buyers work with just 20% of all real estate agents? That means that only 20% of agents are selected as being part of the elite—those most qualified to find their clients the best home for the best price in the shortest amount of time. So, how do you ensure that you’re working with one of these top 20%-ers? These interview questions might help you narrow down your search.

1. How long have you been in the real estate business?

You’ll want to look for a seasoned agent with many years experience in the business, especially in working with buyers. Also ask how many homes they sold as a buyer’s agent last year.

2. Do you work full or part-time?

Working with a full-time agent means they’ll have time to work with you to ensure your needs are met. You may want to also ask about their schedule flexibility.

3. How many buyers do you work with at one time?

choosing an agent in greater pittsburghActually, the answer should NOT be one. Though you may want to feel like you’re the agent’s only client, a good agent should be able to successfully juggle the business and care of several clients at a time.

4. How much experience do you have in my areas of interest?

A good agent can still be the wrong agent if they don’t have significant experience working in your ideal city, community, or neighborhood. They should be able to help you understand the property values and real estate trends in your specific locale.

5. Do you require any contracts or agreements?

A good agent often will not require you sign any agreements. Their excellent customer service should be enough to keep you from taking your business elsewhere.

6. Do you require a pre-qualification or pre-approval before touring homes?

successful realtors in pittsburghThe answer to this should be yes. As a buyer, you should have a firm grasp on available financing options before wasting your time—or your agent’s. A good agent will know this.

7. Do you have any professionals you can recommend for me?

The answer again should be yes. A good agent often works with a network of professionals and businesses such as mortgage lenders, attorneys, home inspectors, and insurance providers. Their good recommendations can make your real estate transaction go much more smoothly.

8. Do you have a website?

A good agent should have a highly information website full of resources and pertinent information for homebuyers that appears to be regularly updated with new information. You can also ask about a real estate blog.

9. How do you help me find my ideal home?

Good agents often have a set questionnaire of detailed and specific questions designed to really hone in on a buyer’s wants and needs.

10. How many homes do you show the average buyer?

A good answer is 5–10. Any more than that could indicate that the agent doesn’t take the time to really understand their buyer’s preferences.

11. What methods of communication do you use?

communicating with a realtorA good agent will offer a wide variety of possibilities—phone, email, text, et cetera—to be as flexible and accommodating to your needs as possible.

12. Who else will be working with me?

Good agents often work with a team of other agents or office staff, but the agent you hire should be your primary contact.

13. What do your past clients have to say?

Previous client testimonials can be priceless! A good agent should have lots of reviews, and might even have contact information for previous satisfied clients.

Searching for a Buyer’s Agent in Greater Pittsburgh?

I’d be more than happy to provide detailed answers to all these interview questions—and many more! As an experienced buyer’s agent in the Greater Pittsburgh area, I’m more than ready to meet your unique home buying needs on your quest to find your dream home in Pittsburgh. So contact me today and let’s start searching homes for sale.

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