10 Ways to Keep Your Family Active This Winter in Pittsburgh, PA

10 Ways to Keep Your Family Active This Winter in Pittsburgh, PAWas your New Year’s Resolution to keep healthy and stay active? Don’t let your kids and family get lazy just because it’s cold outside! Pittsburgh always has some great events going on in and around the city, but some of those events are sedentary and won’t get your hearts pumping. We want to make sure you keep that New Years Resolution and explore the beautiful city of Pittsburgh at the same time. So here are 10 Ways To Keep Your Family Active This Winter in Pittsburgh, PA, according to Kidsburgh.org:

  1. Carnegie Science Center’s Highmark Sportsworks

            In our monthly events blog we almost always have one (or more) from the Carnegie Science Center because there’s almost always something going on. Not only do their events provide a physical outlet, but they also provide an intellectual one because most of them combine the physical activity with ways for your kids to learn about the human body as well. Some great examples of physical events they have to offer include:

  • “You-Yo” – You become a human yo-yo by oscillating up and down on “cable-tethered handles”
  • “High Cycle” – Ride across a wooden beam that’s 15-feet high on a unicycle
  • Bungee-Harnessed Trampolines – Jump, flip and spin 20 feet in the air!
  • And more
  1. The Wheel Mill

Do the winter months make you miss riding your bikes outside on long rides with your families? You can get your bike-riding fix in with The Wheel Mill in Homewood. If you want to teach your kids how to ride this park has everything from expert to beginner activities including (but not limited to):

  • Balance Bikes/youth bikes for $8/day
  • Children’s biking lessons
  • Summer Camps
  • Giant foam room where you can jump your bike and land in 4-feet of foam
  1. Climbing Walls

            If you’re looking for your kids to build strength and confidence on their own then climbing walls are a great way to do that. Kidsburgh.org specifically highlights one in Pointe Breeze but there are a number throughout Pittsburgh including Climb North, KinderKlimb and REI Pittsburgh. The 14,000 square foot climbing wall in Pointe Breeze offers a ton of kid-friendly options including two-hour sessions called Kids Climb where they learn the basics under trained professionals. There are, of course, options for adults at these climbing wall facilities as well to make this an activity for the entire family.

  1. The Mellon Park Tennis Center

Here your kids can learn a great new sport and get a positive role model with the Inner City Junior Tennis Program. There are also a number of classes that are offered at this insulated and heated center with 5 courts and on-site showers.

  1. RMU Island Sports Center

            While the past couple of options have focused on one sport or activity, you can have your pick at the RMU Island Sports Center. Owned and operated by Robert Morris University in Moon Township, this sports center offers a number of great activities and sports. Some if its best known include the “Golf Dome” and the Olympian-sized rink that happens to be the largest in the area. Both activities offer classes and lessons for kids of all ages.

  1. Neville Roller Dome

            You can get your ice skating fix at the RMU Island Sports Center and get your roller skating fix at the Neville Roller Dome! This rolling rink offers something for everyone in your family, according to Kidsburgh, including:

  • Adult Skate Night on Thursday evenings
  • Family-Fun skating lessons
  • Radio Disney-infused Family skates on the weekends
  • Special Teen Times
  • Tiny Tots Skate Session (coming soon)
  1. SkyZone Leetsdale

            While SkyZone’s main attraction is their 10,000 square foot trampoline they also offer a number of great family-friendly activities such as two jump courts, two dodgeball courts, a foam pit and a basketball hoop. These different facilities offer a number of great ways for your kids and family to meet new people like open jumping hours, dogeball birthday parties and even skyrobics fitness classes.

  1. Fun Slides Carpet Skatepark

            If your family is looking for something new and unique they ought to try the Fun Slides Carpet Skatepark in both Greensburg and the North Hills. This park was invented by the children of a local furniture mover who created one of their favorite activities into a park that everyone can enjoy! Simply strap on shoe slides (revamped of course) and enjoy the various carpeted ramps, rails and jumps! It will definitely be a great time that your family is sure to remember!

  1. Upper St. Clair’s Aquatic Center

Maybe you prefer swimming to stay active and healthy and want your family to do the same. Just because it’s cold out, doesn’t mean you should have to give up your favorite sport! Upper St. Clair’s Aquatic Center offers the chance for you to continue your favorite summer sport all year round (by purchasing a membership or paying $12 a day). Of course theirs a lap pool where you can get your exercises done but there’s also a lazy river, water slide and interactive water play area if you decide to bring the whole family.

  1. Gymsport Athletic Center

While some of the above facilities do offer classes and activities for kids as young as 3, what about the new families? Bridgeville’s Gymsport Athletic Center offers classes for families with kids as young as 18 months! There’s also classes and activities for older kids of course including “Preschool Playtime” and “Jungle Gym” to name a few.

Some of these facilities are right in the heart of downtown Pittsburgh, but some are outside of the city as well. However if one of these activities appeals to you and it’s just too far to travel, Kidsburgh offers some similar facilities in alternative locations that may better suite you. We hope that this blog proves how much the city of Pittsburgh has to offer and that just because it’s cold outside, doesn’t mean you can’t still get out there and explore our beautiful city. So get out there, stay safe, and have fun this winter in Pittsburgh, PA!

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