What’s #TrendingPGH?

With the weather finally cooling off the viral stories on social media seem to be cooling off as well.  The #ALSIceBucketChallenge seems to be the most popular tweet over all social media networks and is a great way to raise awareness for ALS.  As always #Pittsburgh seems to be a popular trend in Twitter, and […]

What’s #trendingPGH?

As the summer is winding down, #Pittsburgh seems to be busier than ever.  Everyone is getting ready for school to resume but that doesn’t stop Pittsburgh real estate from heating up!  Let’s first take a look at some trends that have been occurring for #Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh Trends #cheapestfinance: On a broader scale this hashtag relates […]

5 DIY Ways to Increase Home Value

In a perfect world, after living in a home for years a family would be able to afford some major home improvement projects like updating the kitchen or the master bedroom to increase the value of their home. Unfortunately this is not always the case.  While the kitchen and the bathrooms are often considered the […]

August 2014 Events in Pittsburgh

If you’re a regular blog reader of mine, you know that at the beginning of every month I give you a blog that lists 5 family-friendly events going on for the month (the month of June in this case) and an accompanying informational graphic that lists 5 events geared for the older crowd.  With the […]

What’s #TrendingPGH?

The Jim Dolanch Team would first like to wish you a very Happy August!  While it’s been reaching record summer lows weather-wise for the greater Pittsburgh area, Pittsburgh as a whole has been heating up!  Let’s take a look at some of the popular trends for Pittsburgh that have been going viral in the world […]